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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
How Much Does Vaping Cost in Australia in 2023-2024?

How Much Does Vaping Cost in Australia in 2023-2024?

Australia has some of the most expensive cigarette prices globally, with a pack-a-day habit costing over $10,000 per year. This helps explain why more Aussies are quitting smoking in favour of vaping. But with so many devices and e-liquids to choose from, how much should you expect to spend?

This comprehensive guide breaks down expected vaping costs in 2023-2024. We'll cover everything from starter kits to coils and accessories, so you know exactly what to budget as a new vaper. Whether you're curious about making the switch from smoking or just want to vape on the cheap, read on for cost projections you can rely on!

1. Vape Devices

First up, let's explore what kind of investment to expect when purchasing your initial vape device itself. The major categories new vapers should consider are:


At around $10-$30 each, disposable vapes offer the easiest and most affordable way to start. Models like the IGET deliver the vaping experience with no charging required. However, the short lifespan and waste make them pricier long-term.

Of course, you'll still need to factor in the cost of replacing disposables frequently. But the upfront device and maintenance costs are low.

Vape Pens / AIOs

Slightly more advanced than disposables, all-in-one (AIO) vape pen starter kits offer better customization and battery life. Entry-level options start around $20. Mid-range devices from trusted brands generally span $30-$60.

What's great about vape pens and AIOs is longevity and consistency once you find a model you like. You'll reuse the battery while only replacing pods and coils intermittently. This means a solid ROI after the initial purchase.

Box Mods / Vape Tanks

Enthusiast or intermediate vapers may prefer picking separate box mod devices and atomizers/tanks for full customizability.

Expect to spend $40+ for reliable mods and $20+ for a decent rebuildable tank. All told, you're looking at a $60+ investment. However, with the ability to tailor settings and longevity of high-quality gear, it's worth it long run.

As a bonus, you can always upgrade tanks later while reusing mods that have features you depend on like variable wattage. This limits wasted spending as you progress as a vaper.

Within these broader categories, factors that increase costs include premium materials like leather or metal alloys, brand reputation, chipsets, and special features temperature control. Considering your personal preferences along these lines will help narrow device choices while setting expectations.

2. E-Liquids & Coils

Arguably just as critical to the experience as devices themselves, vape juice and the coils that vaporize them impact vaping costs substantially. Let's explore typical figures:

Vape Juice Bottles

Like devices, flavoured vape juice prices largely depend on factors like quality, brand, flavour complexity, bottle size, and nicotine concentration.

  • 10ml sample packs: $7-$15
  • 30ml bottles (good for ~100 fills): $10-$25
  • 60ml bottles (200+ fills): $20-$35

So while the upfront cost seems high, the cost per ml and number of fills makes larger bottles far more economical long-term. Just ensure proper storage away from heat and sunlight helping flavors stay fresh.

Coils & Pods

Replaceable coil heads and pods are recurring costs as well. Stock coil packs typically run $10-$20 for a set of 3-5. Many provide a few weeks' worth of consistent flavour and vapour before burning out.

Pre-filled pods offer convenience but limit flavour options and long-term value at $3-$8 each. Refillable pods range from $2-$5, and last week also, assuming gentle cleaning between fills.

The general rule is to budget at least $20-30 monthly for coils/pods. But also stockpile spare packs when possible to avoid emergencies.

Pro Tip: Prime new coils properly and break them in gradually for maximum lifespan!

3. Accessories

Beyond essential gear, vaping accessories allow customization and practicality. Reasonably priced additions include:

  • External battery chargers ($15+) preventing device port failure
  • Lanyards and cases ($5+) for travel and protection
  • Multiple drip tips ($5-10) to prevent washing flavors
  • DIY mixing accessories ($20+) for creating vape juice

Specialty wire builds, engraved mods, and other advanced accessories can run much higher, of course. But the above gives an idea of budget-friendly ways to augment the basics.

4. Learning Curve & Mistakes

Improving technique and avoiding pitfalls helps ensure affordable long-term vaping as well:

Coil Priming

Properly saturating new coils prevents premature burning. Take a few gentle puffs once filled to maximize coil lifespans.

Steeping Vape Juice

Similar to aging wine, allowing e-juice flavours to meld together through steeping enhances taste. Just resist sampling bottles for 1-4 weeks after delivery.

Tank Cracking

Citrus, cinnamon and acidic vape juice can damage plastic tanks over time. Glass and metal tanks are more compatible with coil safety.

Battery Safety

Torn battery wraps and improper charging can damage mods. Take caution and educate yourself on best practices.

By sidestepping rookie mistakes, your equipment will deliver reliable performance longer between upgrades or replacements.

Vape Customization Costs

While entirely optional, custom vape components offer self-expression opportunities:

Prebuilt Coils

Fancier exotic wire builds provide optimized flavour and cloud production, starting around $5+ each.

Engraved & Painted Mods

Devices can be sent to specialty services for engraving, hydro dipping, anodization, and other aesthetic enhancements for $20+.

E-Liquid Blending

Some vendors let you perfectly tailor flavoured vape juice recipes for $20+. Or you can DIY from base components cheaply.

Mouthpieces & Drip Tips

Swapping out default plastic tips for $10+ metal and resin pieces adds personalization.

The custom vaping options are virtually endless. But realize aesthetic personalization does add costs quickly. Determine your budget and priorities before going all out.

5. Vaping vs. Smoking Health Costs

Thus far, we've explored the financial costs of vaping equipment itself. But how do vaping expenses compare to smoking when factoring in healthcare?

It's no secret cigarettes take a massive toll long-term through elevated cancer risks, lung disease, and other issues. While not 100% risk-free, vaping poses substantially lower health threats from toxins and carcinogens in smoke. Reduced hospitalization rates make vaping the obvious cost-saving choice to improve financial and personal well-being.

And unlike cigarettes that burn continuously when lit, vaping only vaporizes vape juice as needed. This prevents wasting money literally burning away between puffs. Plus, with thousands of flavours to experience, vaping brings more enjoyable health benefits over time.

6. Key Takeaways on Vaping Costs

In summary, start budgeting anywhere from $20 to $200+ for your first vape setup purchase in 2023-2024 depending on your choices. Then factor roughly:

  • $20+ monthly for e-liquid resupply
  • $20+ monthly for new pods/coils
  • $100+ yearly for battery/mod upgrades

While not insignificant, these expenses pale in comparison to pack-a-day smoking costs at over $10,000 annually and increased healthcare risks.


Vaping costs add up yearly, but smart choices keep it affordable long-term. Prioritize quality gear suited to your needs. Seek out vape juice deals online and buy coils/pods in bulk. And proper care for your equipment prevents needless replacements.

If the thought of blowing huge smoke clouds appeals, but cigarettes strain your budget, vaping just makes sense. And our projections indicate costs holding steady or even dropping as the industry matures. So dive in without money worries, and breathe easy through the switch to vaping!

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