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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
2023's Best IGET BAR Flavours: Expert Reviews & Top Picks

2023's Best IGET BAR Flavours: Expert Reviews & Top Picks

The IGET BAR has earned quite the fan base for its smooth hits, long-lasting battery, and especially its spot-on flavours that keep vapers coming back. With over 20 options to suit any taste preference, even the most seasoned vapers are impressed with the IGET BAR's expansive and quality flavour lineup.

But with so many tempting flavours, it can be tricky to know where to begin your flavour journey. That's why we went on a tasting tour, testing every single IGET BAR flavour on the market, to bring you our picks for the creme de la creme. We evaluated each flavour for aroma, accuracy, vapour production, smoothness, and overall enjoyment. After rigorous testing, we proudly present our top 10 all-star flavours of the IGET BAR that deliver satisfaction, uniqueness and accuracy.

So whether you enjoy fruity mixes, icy menthol, sweet pastries, tart candy or a transportive flavour journey, the IGET BAR has next-level flavours that are sure to excite your tastebuds without destroying your wallet at just $25 per device. Read on as we count down our top flavour crushes and steer you toward IGET BAR flavours so phenomenal, that they belong in the hall of vape fame.


How We Properly Tested Each Flavour

We took our responsibility of evaluating IGET BAR flavours seriously. Our tasting panel created a fair assessment process to distinguish the stellar flavours from the mediocre ones.

Determining Factors for an Incredible Flavour

While tasting through the IGET BAR lineup, our criteria included:

  • Taste Authenticity: Does the flavour align with the labelled profile or not?
  • Aroma Test: Upon sniffing the device, is the scent appealing?
  • Vapour Performance: Are the amount and density of vapours smooth and satisfying?
  • Pleasant Aftertaste: No off-putting chemicals spoiling the flavour's finish.
  • Pure Enjoyment: Most importantly, how much does it make one crave the next taste?

We graded every aspect using standardized scoring. This allowed proper comparisons.

Protocol for Controlled Results

We ensured fair evaluations by being methodical during each panellist's assessment:

  • Inhale Flavour #1, touching it over the palate, perceiving subtleties.
  • Slow exhale through the nose for an initial impression.
  • Note the evolving aftertaste over subsequent moments.
  • Reset senses with a palate cleanse then engage Flavour #2.

By repeating this for all IGET flavours, we could judge them individually yet also relative to others.

The Finals Flavours Distinguished Themselves

While most flavours fared reasonably, a select few separated by excelling across all metrics. These treasures revealed their winningness by balancing complexity with consistency. They delivered perfect satisfaction from start to finish - revealing true mastery.

The Top 10 IGET BAR Flavours That Left Us Shook

After all that intense taste testing, these 10 IGET vape flavours straight-up dazzled us from start to finish. Let's get into what makes them so fire, shall we?

1. Strawberry Lemonade - Our #1 Pick

This vape flavour threw us back to sunny summer days guzzling down icy lemonade punched up with juicy strawberries. Every inhale pops with fizzy sweet-tart lemonade vibes followed by luscious layers of strawberry. It recreates that lip-smacking taste so darn accurately! Whiffs of sugary strawberries draw you in while zesty lemon brings it all together for maximum refreshment. Hands down our fave summer quencher!

2. Watermelon Mint Ice

We were frothing over Watermelon Mint Ice too with its fresh melon flavour blended with breath-freshening icy menthol. It's like face-planting into a bowl of chilled watermelon chunks on a 100-degree day then getting brain freeze from a flavoured slushie. Sweet candied watermelon aroma pulls you in but that frosted mint exhale keeps you coming back all day. Absolute fire for beating heat while delighting your tastebuds!

3. Ice Cream

If you're looking to indulge, Ice Cream flavour is totally delivered with its velvety vanilla custard essence and legit toasted nut aftertaste just like a gourmet Sunday. We're talking full-on ice cream parlour replication. Every rich, creamy puff felt naughtily nice like we were cheating our diets. But some temptation is too legit to resist, ya know?

4. Raspberry Grape

This vape flavour fusion brought the perfect marriage of fruit essences: tart grape up front blended into luscious raspberry sweetness. It starts slightly sour then blossoms into bright jammy berry flavours for something excitingly different. The balance of grape and raspberry achieved here is wickedly divine!

5. Blueberry Ice

This icy berry concoction refrigerator-blasts your mouth with its frosty inhales blooming into sweet jam-packed blueberry. We're talking juicy ripe blueberries at peak season then frozen and magically vape-ified. It's the ultimate hot weather refresher with a tangy candy-esque vibe.


6. Banana Ice

Craving the tropics? Banana Ice delivers with smooth, creamy banana circling around icy menthol. It's like sipping on a banana daiquiri at a beach resort poolside then diving into the cool water for a break from the unrelenting heat. Sounds nice, huh? Every puff whisks you away to vacation least until the device dies!

7. Mango Ice

Similar to Banana Ice but swapping out banana sweetness for tropical mango flavour which dances with icy exhales. We're talking sun-ripened mango puree then magically fused with frosty menthol. It seriously seemed like we smashed mangos and mint leaves in a blender for a DIY vape juice that actually tastes unreal. Sweet fruity inhales with chill backing make for a lively combo!

8. Double Apple

This vape flavour startled us with its unique appeal. Instead of candied apple syrup, it was more like apple cider with layered complexity. Upon inhale, tart apple puckers the mouth then rich honey-baked tones come through with spiced apple cider impressions. Definitely an intriguing change-up from single-note apple vapes out there.

9. Melon Ice

Yup, had to get more melon up in here! This one blends honeydew and cantaloupe flavours for the perfect summer cocktail. You get vibrant candied melon on the initial inhale then frosty arctic air swirling around the melon essence in a way that made us constantly chase that next hit. It's a fruity + icy concoction worthy of the hype.

10. Strawberry Kiwi

Last but definitely not least - Strawberry Kiwi which flirts between sweet strawberry and tropical kiwi for a fruit explosion in your mouth. Tiny berry seeds hit the tastebuds first then tart kiwi takes over for exceptional candy-esque replay value. Smells freaking phenomenal too with layers of fruits mingling together spectacularly.



After extensive testing, the IGET BAR flavours that rose to fame revealed themselves through balanced complexity and consistent satisfaction from start to puff. While narrowing 20+ great options down to the top 10 felt criminal excluding such worthy flavours, Strawberry Lemonade clinched the title of best flavour with its sweet and tart summertime bliss. Yet Watermelon Mint Ice and decadent Ice Cream followed closely behind thanks to their crisply cooling or indulgently creamy profiles. While personal preferences will steer you towards certain flavour categories, IGET BAR undoubtedly perfected the art of disposable vape flavours as these all-stars impressed even the most seasoned vaping fanatics. With affordability and accessibility matched by sheer flavour fitness, IGET BAR rules the realm of flavour exploration without destroying your wallet.

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