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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
The Best Vapes to Buy in Australia in 2023-2024

The Best Vapes to Buy in Australia in 2023-2024

The vaping scene continues to grow at a rapid pace in the Australian market. An ever wider range of quality devices and e-liquids are appearing from reputable brands to meet rising local demand. Whether you are new to vaping or an experienced user, there are exciting options on offer.

This definitive guide explores the top vapes to buy right now and leading brands that deliver on performance, customization, cutting-edge technology, and, most importantly - an enjoyable vaping experience every time.

I. Disposable Vapes Offer One-Time Convenience

Disposable vapes provide the ultimate convenience for trying vaping or enjoying on occasions when you don't want the responsibility of charging and maintaining a vape device.

Simply open the sealed package, pull out the disposable vape, and start puffing. There's no messing around with pods, coils or e-liquids. When the battery or prefilled e-liquid eventually runs out after hundreds or thousands of satisfying puffs, you just dispose of and replace it.

With nicotine salts used in disposables, you can achieve a rapid nicotine peak similar to smoking traditional cigarettes. The smooth throat hit, and higher nic concentration effectively curbs cravings.

Leading disposable brands for Aussie vapers include:

1. IGET Disposable Vapes

IGET is a prominent name in Australia's disposable vape market, offering a diverse selection tailored to all preferences and budgets. Their collection includes entry-level options like the IGET Mega, delivering 3000+ puffs all the way up to the marathon puffing IGET Goat, rated at 5000+.

Durability is also a major plus point with the anodized aluminum construction capable of taking a few bumps or drops while out and about. So you needn't worry too much if when pulling it out of your pocket.

IGET disposables are ready for action straight out of the stylish packaging thanks to the automatic draw activation – no power buttons are required. Just open your lips on the tapered mouthpiece and take smooth, satisfying puffs.

Flavours span mouthwatering fruits like Mango, Grape, Peach and Pineapple to refreshing icy varieties including Lychee Ice, Cola Ice and Blueberry Ice. Classic Tobacco and traditional Menthol lovers haven't been ignored either in this expansive IGET range.

Those wanting a particularly bold and intense vaping experience will appreciate the XXL and King sizes for their higher concentration prefilled e-liquids. While new vapers may find the Mega and Bar provide the perfect balance of flavour and nic satisfaction.

Overall, if you're looking to trial vaping for the first time or want a fuss-free backup device, IGET disposables are extremely competitively priced while offering robust performance you can rely on.

2. RELX X Waka Smash 6000

RELX continues to cement its place as a premier vaping brand with outstanding pod systems. And they are now branching out into the world of quality disposables through a collaboration with flavour experts Waka.

The result of this partnership is the RELX X Waka Smash 6000 - an impressive disposable vape integrating RELX's signature smooth performance into a carefully crafted design built to last over 6000 satisfying puffs.

Featuring a rechargeable 500 mAh battery, an integrated 12ml prefilled pod containing 5% nicotine salts, an intelligent circuit chipset, optimally positioned air holes, and a comfortably contoured mouthpiece - the Smash 6000 exhibits exceptional engineering down to the smallest details.

These meticulous touches combine to create a premium yet hassle-free disposable vaping experience. One that maintains a consistently bold flavour and dense clouds all the way to the final puff, thanks to proprietary RELX technologies.

Adding to the appeal are 14 drool-worthy flavours to choose between, spanning icy menthols, sweet desserts, ripe fruits, and fizzy drinks. So, there's bound to be an option in the lineup for every palate.

While the excellent puff capacity already positions the RELX X Waka Smash 6000 as a top contender in disposables, the recharge and refill potential pushes it to another level. Once the internal e-liquid finally depletes, a separately sold RELX pod filled with your favoured nic salt juice allows easy reuse.

Ultimately, the Smash 6000 is a quality investment that provides the ephemeral joy of disposables while retaining a useful lifespan through thoughtful constructability.

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II. Pod Vape Systems Balance Portability and Customization

Pod vapes occupy the middle ground between disposables and advanced mod kits. Combining convenient portability with component customization, pod systems feature interchangeable e-liquid pods that magnetically snap into a slim rechargeable battery chassis.

The nature of pods allows easy switching between flavours to satisfy changing moods and tastes without hassle. While the compact all-in-one construction effortlessly slips into pockets or bags for vaping on the move.

Integrated batteries eliminate the need to buy and swap multiple cells, but fast USB charging has you ready to resume vaping in around 30 to 60 minutes. And visibility of e-juice levels through transparent pods prevents any sudden dry puff surprises.

Pod vapes also closely recreate the tight cigarette-like draw of mouth-to-lung inhales that make for an easier transition away from smoking. This contrasts the direct lung hits common to more powerful mod kits.

Top pod system brands on the radar of Aussie vapers include:

1. RELX Pod Vapes

As one of the most cutting-edge companies in pod system innovation, RELX continues to accelerate its growing footprint in Australia. Having cemented itself as a reputable vape manufacturer with strict quality control and safety testing, RELX offers exceptional reliability across its product range.

Pioneering proprietary technologies like FEELM atomizers, Super Smooth Airflow, metal film heating elements, and unique e-liquid formulations work in tandem to prevent dry hits and deliver unparalleled consistency. So even on the last draws from near-empty pods, you can expect abundant clouds and authentic flavour.

RELX vape pods made of durable PC plastic also feature conveniently transparent viewing windows and arrow indicators. Allowing easy assessment of remaining juice levels and correct orientation insertion. While powerful rare earth magnets ensure a secure connection between the battery and the pod.

Moreover, all RELX devices carry TPD certification - considered the vaping industry gold standard when meeting stringent European Union consumer safety regulations.

Standout options among RELX's premium yet affordable pod systems include:

RELX Classic

The RELX Classic helped initially put RELX on the map as an exceptional alternative to first-generation pod systems. Weighing only 13.5g with a slim pen-style design, it effortlessly slides into pockets and bags for hassle-free portability.

Despite the compact size, performance punches well above its weight thanks to cutting-edge FEELM tech and optimized power output. Users report extremely satisfying flavour and throat hits equivalent to a traditional cigarette.

The Classic also touts an impressively long-lasting 350mAh battery that reliably powers through multiple pods while only requiring 45 minutes of USB-C charging to full. With over 30 distinctive nic salt flavours available, vapers will enjoy exploring the extensive pod options.

Overall the RELX Classic still holds up as a stellar option with magnetic interchangeability, durability, and intensely flavorful output headlining this pod package - making it one of the best pod vape options in its price range.

RELX Infinity

Award-winning and wildly popular, the ergonomic RELX Infinity delivers smooth, consistent pulls courtesy of optimized airflow, thoughtfully positioned air holes, and signature RELX tech innovations. These elements combine to create a uniquely Super Smooth mouthfeel.

Making operation even simpler is the auto-draw functionality with no button needing to be pressed - just pull from the flat mouthpiece to activate rich, satisfying vapour production. This enables easy, one-handed use on the move.

The compact yet curvaceously contoured chassis with metallic embellishments looks stunning while fitting into any palm despite weighing only 13 grams for remarkable lightness.

RELX also introduces vibration alerts on the Infinity to indicate critical statuses like low battery or overuse warnings - a smart feature not commonly found on pods. And the 380mAh battery comfortably sees most users through a day of steady puffing between 45-minute rapid charges.

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2. Baton V2

While the original Baton impressed with its solid performance and magnetic snap-in pods, the second generation Baton V2 demonstrates noteworthy improvements that edge out many competitor pods. Chief among these upgrades is the battery capacity doubled to 350mAh for true all-day longevity.

This battery's stamina keeps you vaping for significantly longer between top-ups compared to standard pod systems. Speaking of vape quality, the draw-activated firing delivers smooth yet nicotine-punchy hits. Befitting pods prefilled with nicotine salt e-liquids across flavours like Crisp Apple, Glacier Mint, and Iced Watermelon Limeade.

Constructed from durable zinc alloy, the V2 battery component cuts a sleek silhouette available in attractive colour treatments like carbon fibre, racing red, and space grey.

For vapers wanting their next pod vape purchase to provide exceptional battery endurance without compromising on performance and build quality - the Baton V2 warrants strong consideration.


No list covering the top vapes in Australia would be complete without mentioning the JUUL. After virtually creating and dominating the modern pod vape landscape, JUUL remains an ever-present staple in the community despite growing competition.

While the availability of genuine JUUL pods containing nicotine salts is subject to international cross-border legislation, JUUL-compatible pods continue flowing to meet local demand. These third-party pods replicate both standard and limited edition JUUL flavours to keep the iconic pods relevant.

And much of that relevance stems from JUUL nailing the basics right - extremely straightforward use, durable construction to withstand daily carry, sizable flavour range, and reliable nicotine delivery clad in a compact shell. The snap-in magnetic pods make swapping e-liquids simple, while quick USB charging has the tiny 230mAh battery juiced up fully in just an hour.

While the JUUL spec sheet seems dwarfed by the latest technical innovations of advanced pod systems, its steadfast adherence to providing a straight-up quality vaping experience continues to sway vapers. Sometimes, less truly is more when you neatly package performance, usability and satisfaction.

III. Mod Vape Kits Cater to Enthusiasts

Serious vaping enthusiasts gravitate towards mod kits composed of box mod batteries used to power separate atomizer tanks filled with e-liquids. These more advanced setups offer vastly superior customization over standard pod devices - pushing major clouds.

Box mod batteries are sized to comfortably fit 1, 2 or more high-capacity rechargeable cells to feed high-wattage outputs. Large responsive colour touchscreen interfaces enable adjusting settings like temperature, wattage limits and preheat parameters to meticulously dial in vapor intensity.

This custom tunability, combined with cutting-edge safety protections, prevents issues like over-discharge, short circuits, overheating and more that can crop up when aggressively pushing performance boundaries.

Paired sub-ohm tanks then leverage carefully constructed coils to translate high-watt pass-through into huge vapour production and bold flavour representation. Top fill designs with up to 8ml capacity minimize mid-vape refills.

Let's explore some standout mod kit options tempting Australian vapers:

1. GeekVape Aegis Series

When it comes to names reigning supreme in the box mod domain, GeekVape remains ever perched near the top for good reason. They leapfrog the competition through a commitment to imaginative innovation unhindered by the status quo - while never compromising on quality.

The ruggedized Aegis series symbolizes the brand's spirit of adventure and durability by carrying an IP67 rating, signifying impermeability to dust ingress and withstanding water submersion. So you can confidently vape anywhere without the environment diligently degrading components.

In particular, the updated Aegis Legend 2 features the proprietary AS 2.0 chipset to broaden functionality like a DIY mode for intelligent builds. There's also enough daunting power on tap to drive huge cloud output courtesy of the dual 18650 cell and 200W ceiling. It even supports USB-C charging up to an ultra-convenient 3A rate.

Vapers wanting an extremely resilient workhorse can turn to the version for multi-battery configurations reaching 300W and an onboard touchscreen. Altogether, the ruggedized GeekVape Aegis lineup brings mods to the extreme.

2. Vaporesso Gen S

Another heavyweight vape manufacturer out of Shenzhen, Vaporesso, diligently studies consumer usage patterns in crafting high-tech mods that structurally withstand daily wear and tear. The Gen S carries on this heritage using durable zinc alloy matched with quality leather panelling to achieve style with substance.

Not just a pretty facade, the Gen S leapfrogs most rivals under the hood, starting with its Axon chip capable of near instantaneous firing for satisfying responsiveness. This rapid speed also effortlessly handles firing multiple coil builds to as high as 177W without misfiring.

Smart load balancing ensures power stability regardless of conditions for consistency. Additional logic prevents unhealthy low voltage draws from overly draining batteries. Topping it off is a comprehensive short circuit and temperature safeguarding, providing robust protection.

The included SKRR-S tank perfectly complements the Gen S mod, sporting a convenient slide top fill while providing phenomenal cool hits thanks to the GT Meshed 0.2ohm coil. Vapers also enjoy significant savings by reusing the leak-resistant stainless steel tank while replacing inexpensive coil heads.

3. Voopoo Drag Max

Voopoo caps off this mod kit collection by cementing its legacy as a go-to for aesthetic designs housing formidable functionality. The Drag Max carries this torch with a visually striking resin chassis housing dual batteries ready to unload up to 177W of vapour blasting power.

It's Gene.Fan 2.0 processor efficiently harnesses and transfers every ounce of this battery energy through the firing mechanism and out the 5.5ml TPP tank without wasted effort. Translating to rapid heat up, immediate throat impact, and satisfyingly dense clouds.

Voopoo imbues this speedy power transfer with added intelligence - monitoring factors like remaining charge, the connected tank's capabilities, coil material composition, and output settings to dynamically optimize the vaping experience. Firing delays diminish while flavour and cloud density dramatically improve.

Wrapped within the rugged exterior lies intricate customization courtesy of the smart touch display, allowing adjustments from selecting a logo at startup to configuring output curves for personalized vapour delivery. And battery life sees a nice extension from the embedded Smart mode, matching output levels to conserve juice.

IV. Top Vape Juice Brands For Australian Vapers

While the vape device itself enables transforming e-juices into inhalable vapour, it is the e-liquids that provide the profoundly impactful elements of flavour and satisfaction that keep vapers returning.

Quality nicotine salt and freebase e-juices utilize complex blending methods combining PG, VG, nicotine, and flavour agents to gift beloved flavours replicating tastes ranging from sweet desserts and ripe fruits to classic tobaccos, menthols, drinks, candies and more.

The composition balance also significantly impacts the vaping experience - higher PG provides a pronounced throat sensation, while more VG results in denser cloud output. Similarly, integrating freebase or salt nicotine opens up device compatibility for pods and mods respectively.

With vaping's surge across Australia, the sheer diversity of tantalizing local and international e-liquid brands can seem overwhelming. Let's explore some reputable names delivering exceptional juice products to propel your perfect vaping experience.

1. RELX E-Liquids

As one of the most cutting-edge vaping companies today, RELX continues to accelerate growth in its home country of Australia, backed by strong branding, retail presence, and recognition for quality across its pod systems and e-juices.

The expert RELX mixology team concocts smooth, nuanced nic salt flavours spanning luscious fruits, rich tobaccos, floral teas, creamy drinks and desserts - bringing variety across 20+ options like Mango, Peach, Lychee Ice Tea, Classic Tobacco, Macchiato, and more.

Containing 20mg/ml nicotine concentration, RELX juices complement the tight cigarette-like draw of their popular pod devices like the Classic and Infinity.

Overall, RELX e-liquids deliver consistency and reliability to satisfy nicotine cravings or causal puffing courtesy of premium quality and safety testing.

2. IGET E-Liquids

All IGET branded disposable vapes come prefilled with 5% nicotine salt-based e-liquids mixed at concentrations between 30mg to 60mg per mL. This integration means never worrying about leakage, replacement coils, or filling - simply puff until the juice empties.

Spanning an impressive range, IGET flavorists cram maximum taste into every pull across old-school options like Menthol, Classic Tobacco, Juicy Peach, Sweet Strawberry and Mango alongside icy refreshers including Blueberry Ice, Grape Ice, Pineapple Ice. Even unique flavours, such as Pink Bubblegum, cater to specific preferences.

The higher nicotine levels also replicate the satisfaction of traditional cigarettes for transitioning smokers while avoiding complicating factors like refills or equipment maintenance.

Overall IGET pre-mixes its proprietary nic salt juices at ideal strengths to deliver bold flavors and pleasurable throat sensation for disposable use.

3. Mt Baker Vapor

This US-based juice giant stocks one of the largest domestic inventories with 270+ vape juice flavours - earning praise for variety and value. Ranging from all-day fruits like Hawk Sauce to indulgent desserts including German Chocolate Beefcake and curiosities like Thug Juice or Moo Juice.

All Mt Baker Vapor juices permit selecting personalized ratios of PG and VG along with desired nicotine concentration. This customization provides options between higher PG for extra throat bite or max VG yielding substantial clouds.

Backing up the quality, steeply discounted sample packs allow affordably trialling multiple flavours to uncover new favorites. Large 236ml bottles keep costs low for restocking standbys like Candy Cane and Green Apple.

Overall, Mt Baker Vapor satisfies across the flavour spectrum while offering flexibility to tailor juices to equipment with vast customization.

4. Pod Juice

Catering to the booming pod system market, California-based Pod Juice concocts various flavoured nicotine salt e-liquids, delivering supreme functionality specifically for compact pod devices.

Spanning icy menthols, fruity flavours, sweet candy & cream varieties and traditional tobaccos - Pod Juice nails nicotine satisfaction thanks to expertly formulated nic salt juices. This purity produces a smooth throat sensation and carries flavours evenly into every pull.

Top seller Jewel Mint registers as a near unanimous fan favourite for its crisp peppermint flavour profile closely mimicking the sucrose sensation of Juul's discontinued Mint pods. Jewel Mint's runaway success spurred additional perfected flavours like Watermelon, Mango Jewel, and Blueberry to round out the palate-pleasing selection.

Ultimately Pod Juice cements itself as a prime salt nic e-liquid brand purpose built to fulfill pod vaping aspirations.

5. Naked 100

Renowned globally for crafting the smoothest vaping liquids, Naked 100 utilizes complex multi-step steeping, blending, and maturation processes honed over the years, earning its stellar reputation.

The brand name directly communicates transparency on its no artificial additives approach - simply the world's finest nicotine, USP grade PG/VG, and natural flavours - exemplified through chart-topping sellers like Really Berry, Hawaiian POG, and Amazing Mango.

Besides bottled e-liquids, Naked 100 entered the salt nic arena with its own rechargeable pod system - the Naked 100 Starter Kit - preloaded with flavours such as All Melon and Berry Belts.

For vapers wanting silky smoothness with each toke, Naked 100 edges out rivals as the ultimate manifestation of premium quality e-juices now expanding beyond freebase into nicotine salts.

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Undoubtedly vaping's increasing diversity in Australia makes this an exciting period for newcomers and veterans alike. With quality advancing exponentially across disposables, pods and mods while international legislation progressively modernizes to support consumer choice and innovation through fair policy - the future remains filled with promise.

Industry-conscious brands like IGET, RELX, Vaporesso and others mentioned here represent the vanguard pushing boundaries while keeping user satisfaction center stage - where it rightfully should be.

As electronic cigarettes continue marching steadily into the mainstream, make the informed decision and purchase one of the stellar vapes highlighted in this guide for superior performance. Your vaping future deserves it!

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