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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
10 Beginner Vaping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

10 Beginner Vaping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


  1. Choosing Low-Quality Vaping Devices
  2. Being Unprepared Without Extra Vaping Supplies
  3. Using E-Juice with Incorrect Nicotine Strength
  4. Taking Short, Hard Puffs Like Cigarettes
  5. Neglecting to Prime New Coils Before Use
  6. Overfilling the Vape Tank with E-Liquid
  7. Using the Wrong PG/VG Ratios for Your Setup
  8. Vaping on Burnt Coils Past Their Prime
  9. Storing Vaping Devices Improperly
  10. Disregarding Proper Vaping Etiquette Around Others
  11. Conclusion

Taking up vaping often involves a learning curve, even for smokers transitioning to a potentially less harmful alternative. While vaping has many advantages over traditional cigarettes, some common beginner mistakes can lead to frustration if not avoided. This article covers the top errors new vapers make and provides tips on how to prevent them through proper techniques and knowledge. Learning about these potential pitfalls upfront allows beginners to become educated on best practices, avoiding problems and ensuring satisfaction from the start.

Choosing Low-Quality Vaping Devices

Many beginners try to save money initially by buying inferior, low-cost vaping devices. However, these cheap e-cigs often break easily, deliver terrible flavor, and leak e-liquid. Their poor battery life requires frequent recharging, and overly harsh hits can ruin the experience. Some new vapers who cut costs with a cheap device end up so disappointed they return to smoking.

Instead, investing in a reasonably priced, quality vape from a reputable manufacturer is wise. While spending a fortune is unnecessary, avoiding ultra-cheap vape pens made with inferior materials is recommended. Well-constructed devices with good-quality materials provide smooth, satisfying performance, better flavor, and improved durability. Taking time to research and select a suitable beginner vape that fits your budget is a worthwhile investment for long-term satisfaction.

Being Unprepared Without Extra Vaping Supplies

One frustrating situation for new vapers is suddenly running out of batteries or e-liquids mid-vaping when they are needed most. Similar to cigarette smokers buying a new lighter or pack from a corner store, vapers also need to be prepared with spare supplies on hand. Getting caught without backup charged batteries or your favorite e-juice flavor could lead some unprepared vapers to buy cigarettes to satisfy cravings at the moment.

However, with some planning, this can be avoided. Carrying extra charged batteries and a small bottle of your favorite e-liquid flavor ensures vaping is not suddenly interrupted due to a lack of supplies. Additionally, keeping spare parts like coils and tanks in your vape kit provides peace of mind that your routine will not be unexpectedly disrupted.

Using E-Juice with Incorrect Nicotine Strength

One factor that can make or break vaping satisfaction is finding the ideal nicotine strength in e-juice. If the concentration is too low, it could lead to frequent cravings to vape more. Conversely, e-juice with excessive nicotine can cause side effects like headaches, or an unpleasant throat burn.

Generally, it is wise to match the nicotine level to that in cigarettes smoked before transitioning to vaping. Heavier smokers usually need higher concentrations around 18mg; moderate smokers 10-12mg, and light smokers 6mg or less. One of the advantages of vaping is that you can gradually reduce nicotine levels over time as your addiction lessens. If higher levels cause throat irritation, smooth nicotine salts may provide a less harsh experience for some users.

Taking Short, Hard Puffs Like Cigarettes

Out of habit, many vaping beginners inhale fast, powerful puffs into their mouths when first switching from smoking. However, this style tends not to work as well for vaping and can cause flooding, gurgling, or e-liquid inhalation as the liquid gets sucked into heating coils. It also will not produce very satisfying, dense vapor clouds.

A better technique is taking long, gentle puffs and consciously inhaling them into the lungs rather than just the mouth. Slow, steady puffs allow for thicker vapor production and are inherently more satisfying. They also avoid the risk of e-liquid entering the airway. With practice, you will perfect your ideal vaping technique and ritual.

Neglecting to Prime New Coils Before Use

In their excitement to try fresh coils, some vaping beginners wrongly assume they can insert and start vaping a new coil right away. However, not properly priming the cotton-wicking material beforehand can lead to nasty burnt and dry hits that will deter new vapers. This happens because non-primed cotton stays dry, so when heated, it can singe and burn.

To avoid this, always prime new coils by adding several e-juice drops into the sides and center hole before insertion. After screwing in a new coil, fill the tank fully and allow it to sit 5-10 minutes before puffing to let the cotton saturate. Having patience for proper wick soaking prevents burning through a dry coil.

Overfilling the Vape Tank with E-Liquid

It is easy for beginners to overfill their vape tank, leading to leakage, flooding issues, and e-liquid entering the central chimney. Tanks function best when properly filled to the recommended level. So you need to be sure to leave 1-2mm of space at the very top chimney after filling and close the airflow when filling, reopening it before puffing. Avoid placing full vape devices sideways, as this proper filling technique prevents leaks and ensures optimal performance.

Using the Wrong PG/VG Ratios for Your Setup

The PG/VG ratio impacting factors like throat hit, flavor intensity, and vapor production can significantly improve the vaping experience when properly balanced. Most beginners start unaware that adjusting percentages can drastically enhance satisfaction once optimized. Experimenting with different ratios helps you find the perfect blend that suits your preferences. Generally, higher VG juices produce thicker, denser vapor, while higher PG carries flavor better with a stronger throat hit. A 50/50 blend works well for most beginners, but tweaking ratios around to match your setup and taste is recommended.

Vaping on Burnt Coils Past Their Prime

For the best vaping experience with full, clean-tasting hits, cotton coils should be replaced approximately every 1-3 weeks, depending on use. Vaping on old, gunked coils inevitably mute flavor while increasing chances of burnt, nasty hits. Many novices do not initially realize coils have a limited lifespan. Changing them fairly often helps avoid buildup and keeps cotton fresh so optimal flavor can shine through. When installing a new coil, prime and break it in slowly at a lower wattage. Noticeable fading or darkening of cotton and decreasing vapor or flavor are signs it could be time for a fresh coil.


Storing Vaping Devices Improperly

How and where you store vaping devices when not in use significantly impacts performance, longevity, and battery safety. However, many beginners are unaware of proper storage best practices. Do not toss vapes in bags or purses carelessly. Also, refrain from leaving tanks sideways or storing them in places with extreme temperatures. Instead, always store upright in a secure case in a cool, dry location if possible. Keeping tanks upright avoids leaks, while cases prevent accidental battery firing when buttons get bumped. Follow the manufacturer's storage recommendations and avoid temperature extremes that negatively affect e-liquid and components.

Disregarding Proper Vaping Etiquette Around Others

In their excitement to quit smoking, some new vapers vape openly indoors or blow large clouds around others without consent. However, following sensible vaping etiquette is vital for ongoing acceptance of vaping culture. While far less hazardous than smoking, assailing strangers with clouds can understandably seem offensive. You can ask politely if vaping around others is permissible and explain it is not dangerous for secondhand smoke if met with apprehension. Following sound etiquette gains community respect and prevents vaping stigma.


By learning about common beginner mistakes upfront, new vapers can set themselves up for satisfying experiences through proper techniques and knowledge. With a quality device, prepared supplies, ideal e-juice nicotine levels, proper vaping puffing style, coil priming and replacement, correct tank filling, suitable PG/VG ratios, proper storage, and courteous public vaping etiquette, new users can avoid frustration and optimize enjoyment. Starting out educated on best practices ensures a positive vaping journey.

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