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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Essential Vape Tricks Guide: How to Start Vaping

Essential Vape Tricks Guide: How to Start Vaping


Viral vape trick videos dominate youth culture-sharing platforms. This guide helps beginners master the techniques for performing the coolest visual tricks. With practice, every vaper can level up basic skills to develop a personalized wow-worthy trick style and join the online creator community. Vape safe and responsibly while unleashing creativity!

How to Gear Up for Vape Tricks

Entering the world of vaping for tricks? Let's quickly decode some key devices and preparations so you can swag your way to smoke fabulousness.

Understand Your Mod

The box mod is the powerhouse supplying battery life to your vape. Opt for a regulated, variable wattage mod with temperature controls. This allows you to fine-tune outputs to produce dense clouds consistently. Squonk mods contain bottom-fed juice tanks requiring less frequent refilling - convenient for long trick streaks.

Cloud Chaser Coils

The atomizer coils heat and vaporizes ejuice droplets creating clouds. Sub-ohm coils under 1-ohm resistance ramp up vapour production. Choose low resistance between 0.15 ohms to 0.3 ohms. More coil wire wraps and larger diameter builds increase surface area. This churns out voluminous clouds sustaining their shape for tricks. Reputable brands manufacturing trick-friendly coils ensure safety and efficiency.

Max VG Ejuices

High Vegetable Glycerin (minimum 70% VG) makes ejuice viscous. This increased density generates fuller clouds allowing flexibility to sculpt creative shapes. Lower nicotine between 1.5mg to 3mg enables smooth hits at higher wattages. This fierce chain vaping helps master trick techniques.

Dial In Your Settings

Start around 30-40 watts and adjust upwards to discover your mod's sweet spot. Experiment with closing and opening airflow control rings to make clouds denser for play. Adapt power and inhalation style until billowing clouds ebb effortlessly from your trickster's lips!

Optimizing the Environment

Still, indoor air lets thick clouds linger longer for shaping tricks and transitions. Cool external temperatures assist higher ratio VG juices in achieving maximum density. Stay hydrated while rigorous practice to counter frequent vaping. Now set the stage for a smooth smoke show!


How to Inhale Like a Pro Step-by-Step

Now that your gear is trick-ready, let's develop the core techniques that form the foundation of all fabulous tricks. Mastering these is key before moving on to specific tricks.

Inhale and Exhale Control

Inhale slowly and deeply to completely fill your lungs with dense vapour. Control the exhale pace - some tricks call for short strong bursts, while others need gently billowing smoke. Learn to exhale in different styles - straight, angled bursts or funnelling through mouth shapes.

Harness the Breath

Breath control separates average puffs from showstopper theatre. Fill cheeks like hamsters to stock vapour then release artistic angled streams. Exhale in stages - first dense blast followed by softer clouds to produce dynamic effects.

Mouth Maneuvers

Your lips and tongue are vapour sculptors for 3D tricks. Practice pucker, smooch and O-shapes to redirect flows in creative directions. Keep tongues anchored as fulcrums to split exhales into two channels. Open mouth wide then snap jaw shut to punctuate streaks with rings.

Dense Building Blocks

Master rich, thick, long-lasting cloud production first. Adjust inhalation styles and settings to improve density. Thick clouds hold integrity allowing innovative manipulations for next-level tricks.

With consistent practice, these foundations empower any rookie vaper to unlock next-level smoke abilities. Let's equip your lungs, breath and mouth with the tools to unleash vapour mastery!

What are the Beginner Vape Tricks?

1. The Snap Inhale (AKA The "Ghost Hit")

This one's like a magic trick with vapour. First, take a drag but don't inhale it deep into your lungs-just let the vapour sit in your mouth. Then, open your mouth slowly and push out the vapour a little bit before quickly sucking it back in. It looks like a ghostly figure for a second-that's why some folks call it "The Ghost Hit."

2. Stealth Vape (Concealing Vapour in Mouth and Throat)

If you need to keep your vaping low-key, this trick is all about being sneaky. Take a small puff and let it linger in your mouth without inhaling it into your lungs. The trick here is to hold it until the vapour dissipates a bit, which means less vapour when you finally blow it out or breathe it in. It's kind of like holding your breath-but with vapour!

3. Liquid Mist (Gentle Exhale Through the Nostrils)

This one is super simple. After taking a hit, instead of exhaling through your mouth, gently breathe out through your nose. It creates a smooth stream that looks like mist. Like a dragon on a cold morning, but more subtle.

4. French Inhale (Inhale Vapour Into Mouth, Transition to Inhaling Through Nose)

Here's a classic. Allow the vapour to fill your mouth, then slowly open your lips and push your lower jaw out just a tad. Let the vapour naturally flow up as you simultaneously inhale through your nose. It's a slick move that connects the mouth and nose in a continuous loop of vapour.

5. Bane (Exhale Vapour Through Nose While Keeping Mouth Shut)

Named after the villain from Batman, this trick has you looking menacingly cool. You close your mouth and force the vapour out through your nose, creating streams of vapour from each nostril. Just remember not to be too forceful!

6. Smoke Rings (Form Mouth Into O Shape and Snap Jaw for Ring Effect)


A classic! Use your tongue and lips to form an 'O' shape, then give a small cough or snap your jaw. This pushes a little ring of vapour out of your mouth. It can be tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, you'll feel like a pro.

7. Triangles (Use Hands or Objects to Fan Vapour Into a Triangle Shape)

Ready to show off a bit? Blow a smoke ring, then use your hands to carefully tap the side of it. With a bit of practice, that circle can turn into a triangle-like magic!

8. Bow Tie (Create a Small Smoke Ring, Inhale Through the Ring to Create a Bow Tie Form)

Shoot for a smaller ring this time, and as it starts to float away, inhale sharply through your nose and mouth at the same time. It's like tying a bow tie in mid-air with vapour.

9. The Tornado

To do the "Tornado," you'll need a flat surface. Take a big draw and bend down to place your mouth right above the surface. Exhale slowly and evenly, then use your hand to flick upwards through the cloud. It spins into a twister shape!

10. The Waterfall

This trick makes vapour look like a liquid spill. You need a bottle with frozen water at the bottom. Blow vapour into the bottle, pour it out slowly and watch as it cascades like a gentle waterfall.

11. The Dragon

Unleash your inner mythical beast by exhaling vapour from both corners of your mouth and your nostrils at the same time. Don't inhale the vapour; instead, push it out in all four streams to look like a fierce dragon.

How Should Responsible Vapers Practice Safety?

While mastering sick cloud tricks looks exciting, let's address responsible vaping habits for wellbeing.

Health First

Frequent aggressive vaping can irritate lungs unaccustomed to inhaling vegetable glycerin at thick concentrations. Stay alert to any wheezing or breath shortness indicating sensitivities.

Hydration Helps

Intense vaping sessions dry out sinuses, especially for newbies. Always stay hydrated and use nasal sprays to ease discomfort. Listen to your body's cues.

Know Nicotine

Higher nicotine concentration ejuices amplify addictiveness. Start minimally with 1mg to 3mg strengths. Track usage to avoid developing dependence. The aim is theatrical tricks, not perpetual vaping!

Respect Spaces

Always get permission before practising indoors around people. Outdoor spaces may have legal restrictions. When shared spaces like dorm rooms, discuss courteously to accommodate.

By keeping these guidelines in mind as you train, vaping can unfold creatively while navigating risks wisely. Stay informed and progress tricks with the community's well-being as an equal priority!

How to Level Up Vaping Skills

You've tackled starter tricks, so how do you keep your vape journey exciting? Here are tips to refine skills continually with flair and connect with fellow smoke enthusiasts!

Analyze Technique

Record practice videos from different angles to spot improvement areas objectively, especially for hand and mouth positioning. Frame-by-frame analysis helps engrain muscle memory faster through self-critique.

Conquer Rookie Mistakes

Common stumbling blocks like overloaded lungs, mistimed device orientation and uneven inhale/exhale rhythms trip beginners. Identify weaknesses proactively through practice scrutiny. Patience and persistence are key.

Develop Signature Style

Once fundamentals become second nature, bring in personal touches. Unique transitions, prop integrations and stylized poses help signature tricks stand out from the cloud crowd. Express your creativity freely!

Join the Community

The online trick community offers inspiration, troubleshooting buddy systems and competition camaraderie to keep advancing skills enjoyably. Follow top creators and hashtag your tricks for potential features!

Cloud chasing offers a creative outlet blending technical mastery with imagination. Progress responsibly with support systems that make this journey sustaining and special!


Clouds Have No Limits

Starting the smoke trick journey may feel intimidating initially. But the vapour arena welcomes beginners warmly with a supportive community embracing creativity.

Vaping need not be a solitary hobby. Share signature tricks with fellow cloud walkers. Exchange ideas freely and find motivation in each other's journey. Let creativity direct this passion towards positivity beyond just performance - into artistry.

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