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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
IGET Bar Review: Is It the Revolutionary Vape of Our Time?

IGET Bar Review: Is It the Revolutionary Vape of Our Time?


The sleek and compact IGET Bar has rapidly emerged as one of the most popular vapes on the Australian market. Its impressive battery life, massive e-juice capacity, and expansive flavour selection pack substantial performance into a uniquely portable form factor. This review will analyze how the Bar's extensive features translate into real-world functionality.

What Are the Features of IGET Bar?

Size and Portability

At just 41mm x 21mm x 95mm and 78 grams, the IGET Bar slides seamlessly into pockets and bags without weighing you down, making it an ideal all-day companion. The lightweight aluminium and plastic construction also feels solid and durable in hand.

Battery and Lifespan

An impactful 1500mAh battery averages a lengthy two weeks of use from full charge to dead when paired with the Bar's juice capacity. For perspective, this translates to an estimated exceptional 3500 puffs based on average draw length.

E-Liquid and Nicotine

Each Bar provides 12ml of 50mg salt nic e-liquid to satisfy most moderate vapers' weekly habits, while a deep fill design prevents messy leaks in transit. The high nicotine concentration produces familiar cigarette-like satisfaction.

Heating and Airflow

Vapour passes over a wide 1.2ohm mesh coil and through four airflow vents for both rich flavour and a smooth finish. The vertical coils allow improved contact with Japanese organic cotton wicking for a clean taste.

Materials and Build Quality

The Bar features a classy brushed aluminium chassis with a frosted plastic mouthpiece. Rubber seals prevent dust ingress and internal leaks despite the lack of removable parts. All components feel solidly constructed for a quality disposable.


On the flavour front, vapers can select from 30+ tantalizing fruity and minty varieties, including icy mango, mixed berry, and watermelon. Such extensive options prevent taste fatigue.

Lifetime Puff Estimate

With average puff lengths, vapers can expect around 3500 draws from the Bar before flavour and battery fully deplete for responsible disposal. This positions it well beyond typical disposables.


How to Use the IGET Bar


Simply remove from the packaging, remove the mouthpiece cap, and take a draw to activate the automatic battery. Continue vaping as desired and dispose when finished. No charging or refilling is needed.

Battery Conservation

Take shorter, gentler puffs to consume less power and extend overall battery life. Also avoid excessive hot weather exposure whenever possible.

Optimizing Enjoyment

Take slow, longer draws for fuller vapour. Also, start with less airflow for a purer taste, then adjust to preference. Avoid long draws beyond 5 seconds to control nicotine effects.

Monitoring Lifespan

Flavour loss signals that e-juice is fully depleted. Slow vapour buildup indicates saturated coils while blinking signals a low battery needing replacement.

Proper Maintenance

As a sealed disposable, no coil changes or tank cleaning is required. Simply avoid excessive heat and drops to protect the internal battery and finish full use before disposal.

Vaping Experience of IGET Bar Vape

Superb Flavours

The Bar provides impressively accurate flavour replication thanks to large vertical coils and specially designed organic cotton wicks pulling pure e-juice taste into vapour form.

Full Vapor Production

Four adjustable airflow vents allow customizing vapour volume from tight mouth-to-lung to direct lung inhale styles for user preference, all building quickly.


A balanced 50/50 PG/VG ratio prevents harshness and facilitates satisfying cloud density. The 1.2ohm mesh coils also deliver consistency between puffs.

Battery Runtime

The 1500mAh capacity lasts through every bit of the 12ml juice capacity, even at higher power draws, matching the advertised 3500 puff estimate based on personal testing.

User Satisfaction

Across vaping forums and reviews, the vast majority of users praise the Bar's outstanding flavour variety, battery life, and overall performance versus price. Many cite it as their daily-use favourite.


IGET Bar Versus Competitors

When stacked against similarly sized disposable vapes, the IGET Bar's outstanding e-liquid capacity of 12mL results in over 15 times more puffs - an average of 3500 - before needing replacement compared to models offering only 200-1000 puff lifetimes. This substantially reduces the recurring cost and waste production from frequently purchasing disposables.

And the intelligent airflow design enables inhaling rich, dense vapour clouds that outclass most comparably compact vaping devices. Four adjustable air vents customize vapour production to your preferences, unmatched by disposable competitors.

The Bar's internal sealed construction also enhances durability compared to vapes featuring removable plastic tanks susceptible to cracks and leaks over time. This improves lifespan while preserving ideal performance throughout 3500 satisfying puffs.

Accounting for drastically increased battery life, including e-juice, and long-term usage compared to standard disposables, the IGET Bar delivers outstanding value at less than $20 AUD per typical week of vaping. This positions it as a new gold standard for convenience and savings.

Pros and Cons of IGET Bar Vape


The slim, pocketable design travels anywhere discreetly while avoiding bulk in pockets or bags for daily carrying.

Battery Life

With 12ml of juice, most vapers can expect 2+ weeks of typical use on a single Bar, eliminating frequent recharging needs.

Flavour Enjoyment

Thirty flavour varieties, from icy cool mint to mixed tropical fruits, keep taste buds excited through full depletion.

Disposability Waste

While no charging or cleaning proves convenient, one-time disposables produce more long-term waste than rechargeable alternatives.

Customization Limits

The sealed design also prevents any coil changes, airflow adjustments beyond pre-set vents, or nicotine adjustments.

Australia Market Appeal

With its lightweight yet durable construction able to withstand Australian heat and extensive battery life ideal for long travels, the IGET Bar is uniquely positioned for the Australian lifestyle.

Its 12mL juice capacity lasts through remote adventures while still fitting into pockets. The adjustable airflow caters to both mouth-to-lung and direct-inhale preferences popular locally. And with over 30 flavours approved for sale, Aussie vapers can always find their next favourite.

The Bar delivers the reliability and customization that Australians demand. This empowers vapers to focus on the journey ahead without compromise - exactly what's needed in the Land Down Under. For these reasons, the Bar has rapidly emerged as Australia's preferred disposable vape.


The bar-setting IGET Bar provides an industry-leading combination of convenience and performance through smart engineering. It stands confidently as my top disposable recommendation for nearly any experience level of vaper with its expansive flavour offerings and multi-week battery life from a pocketable yet satisfying sealed device.

Casual vapers appreciate the simple operation and maintenance-free experience, while sub-ohm cloud chasers enjoy the customization of airflow for their vaping style. Any vaper tired of the hassle and limitations imposed by typical pods and disposables is sure to rediscover their satisfaction with the IGET Bar.


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