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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
IGET E-cigarettes: Unique Throat Hit Experience

IGET E-cigarettes: Unique Throat Hit Experience

  1. Introduction
  2. Throat Hit Sensation of IGET E-cigarettes
  3. Nicotine Strength Options of IGET E-cigarettes
  4. PG/VG Ratios of IGET E-cigarettes
  5. Flavour Profiles of IGET E-cigarettes
  6. Atomizer Design of IGET E-cigarettes
  7. Coil and Wick Materials
  8. Draw Activation of IGET E-cigarettes
  9. Conclusion


For vapers, a satisfying throat hit is a make-or-break part of the experience. That subtle yet impactful tingle when the vapour hits the back of the throat delivers crucial satisfaction. While many brands promise robust throat hits, IGET e-cigarettes stand out for optimizing every component to provide a sensation that is uniquely smooth yet still packs a punch. This popular disposable vape brand has become a top choice for vapers seeking high-performing, convenient vaping. IGET's innovations, like adjustable airflow, demonstrate their engineering prowess. This article explores the exceptional throat hit of IGET e-cigarettes and the key factors that contribute to their balanced and enjoyable sensation.

Throat Hit Sensation of IGET E-cigarettes

The first thing veteran IGET users mention is the smooth yet strong throat hit. While clearly noticeable, IGET's vapour avoids being harsh or irritating on the throat. Instead, users describe the sensation as "impactful but smooth," with a subtle catch and tingle on inhale. Unlike some disposable e-cigarettes that overwhelm with an intensely abrasive hit, IGET stands out for being well-balanced. At the same time, it delivers that satisfying hit vapers crave.

In fact, IGET's throat hit shares distinct similarities with traditional tobacco cigarettes - providing that same fulfilling "catch" many smokers desire. However, IGET replicates this sensation without any unpleasant roughness you'd experience from smoking. For those looking to switch from smoking to vaping, IGET delivers on that crucial throat hit factor while being much kinder on the throat. Ultimately, IGET offers the best of both worlds with its uniquely smooth yet strong sensation.

Nicotine Strength Options of IGET E-cigarettes

One of the most influential factors in throat hit intensity is nicotine strength. Nicotine naturally provides a bolder throat hit, so IGET empowers users to choose their preferred nicotine level to fine-tune their experience. Lower nicotine e-liquids like 3mg will provide a mellow throat hit, while higher strengths like 5% (50mg) offer a truly powerful impact.

For newer vapers or intermittent smokers, lower nicotine options are recommended. Heavier smokers who crave that strong sensation can opt for higher nicotine levels to replicate what they are accustomed to from cigarettes. IGET's range of easily adjustable nicotine strengths ensures users can customize their experience based on personal preference. Having options to tailor nicotine levels is key to achieving that ideal throat hit.

PG/VG Ratios of IGET E-cigarettes

In addition to nicotine, the PG/VG ratio used in e-liquids influences throat hit intensity. PG (propylene glycol) provides a sharper throat hit, while VG (vegetable glycerin) creates smoother, thicker vapour. Creating the perfect balance between the two is an art form that IGET has mastered in its liquids.

Most IGET e-liquids use expertly crafted ratios of 50PG/50VG or 60PG/40VG. This provides enough PG to deliver a solid throat hit that vapers desire while allowing ample VG vapour production. Flavours pop beautifully, and the throat hit is always clean. Other brands with less optimized ratios might provide weak throat hits or muddled flavours by fine-tuning their PG/VG blends IGET dials in peak liquid performance.

Flavour Profiles of IGET E-cigarettes

While enjoyable across all flavours, IGET offers an extensive range of flavour options that enhance the overall vaping experience. Here are some examples of the diverse flavours available:

  • Mint - Provides an exhilarating, cool, minty tingle
  • Blackberry - Juicy, jammy blackberry flavour bursts in your mouth
  • Kiwi Pineapple - A tropical blend of sweet kiwi and tangy pineapple
  • Raspberry - Sweet, candy-like raspberry taste pleasures your senses
  • Watermelon Mint - Cool mint perfectly complements sweet watermelon
  • Passion Fruit - A tangy, tropical passion fruit zing livens up your vape
  • Strawberry - Juicy, candy strawberry flavour for a dessert-like vape
  • Pineapple - Fresh, sweet pineapple notes strike the perfect fruity balance

These are just a sampling of the variety of flavours in IGET's extensive catalogue. No matter your preference, you're sure to find a flavour that satisfies your tastebuds.

The key advantage of IGET's flavour mastery is that the profiles are carefully engineered to avoid muting or distorting the crucial throat hit experience. Well-balanced, genuine flavours allow users to fully experience the intended taste without compromising that all-important throat-hit satisfaction.

Atomizer Design of IGET E-cigarettes

IGET's innovative atomizer design is critical in producing an optimal throat hit. The horizontal quartz coils used in IGET atomizers allow for maximum contact between the coil and e-liquid. This improves heating efficiency so that liquid is rapidly and evenly vaporized when you take a puff. The greater surface area of the quartz coils also aids more robust nicotine delivery to the throat.

In addition, IGET atomizers use organic cotton wicks to draw e-liquid to the coils. The cotton enhances flavour reproduction in the vapour while avoiding any unpleasant burning taste. Carefully sized wicking channels ensure a steady supply of juice is delivered to the coils when vaping.

Finally, IGET calibrates the airflow through the atomizer to create the ideal draw resistance. Airflow is tuned so you receive just the right amount of air mixing with vapour to achieve that smooth yet impactful throat hit. Every aspect of the innovative atomizer design works together to generate the perfect throat hit.

Coil and Wick Materials

The specific materials used for the coil and wick in IGET e-cigarettes also maximize performance. IGET uses high-quality Kanthal coil wire to construct robust coils that heat up rapidly and evenly. This quick, efficient heating ensures e-liquid is vaporized consistently with each puff for reliable throat hit delivery.

For the wick, IGET selects top-grade Japanese organic cotton, which is highly absorbent and flavour-neutral. The organic cotton minimizes any burnt or altered taste, allowing genuine flavour reproduction. It also transfers e-liquid to the coil quickly, so vapourization keeps pace with your puffing. The premium materials ensure robust throat hit intensity and authentic flavours.

Draw Activation of IGET E-cigarettes

IGET e-cigarettes feature an intuitive draw-activated firing mechanism. This means vapour production begins when you simply start puffing on the device without needing to press any buttons. Draw-activation makes the IGET extremely easy to use - just take a puff, and it will fire up instantly.

The key advantage of draw-firing is that it puts precise control over the vaping experience in your hands. You can adjust your puff length and intensity to tailor vapour production and throat hit strength exactly how you like it. Short puffs provide a mellow hit, while longer drags deliver serious impact. Draw-activation gives users unmatched customization over their preferred throat hit intensity.


In summary, IGET delivers an exceptionally smooth yet satisfying throat hit by optimizing every single component of their e-cigarettes - from nicotine content to materials to firing method. The resulting sensation expertly balances robustness and smoothness. For vapers seeking the ideal throat hit, IGET nails it through ingenious engineering. While other brands only get it partially right, IGET's meticulous approach means they outshine the competition. If you find most vape throat hits too weak or too harsh, give IGET's expertly crafted experience a try.

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