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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
The Ultimate Review of IGet King Disposable Vape for 2023

The Ultimate Review of IGet King Disposable Vape for 2023

The vaping world is abuzz with hype surrounding the launch of the ambitious new iGet King disposable vape. As a heavyweight contender in the vaping space, iGet has cultivated renown for manufacturing quality products that optimize the vaping experience. With the unveiling of the King, their towering 2600 puff leviathan engineered to be the apex disposable device, iGet again affirmed their competitiveness at the cutting edge of vape innovation.

Upon unboxing the formidable King, one immediately appreciates the real craftsmanship invested into every detail of this product. Beyond just being the largest disposable around, iGet endeavoured to make the King the outright best across all domains of importance to vapers. That thrilling promise urged us to put this giant through extensive testing to determine if reality aligns with expectations.

After combing through all functionalities and use cases, we conclude that King merits the fanfare enshrouding it as an absolute showstopper. From customization range to sheer battery longevity, here's why the majestic iGet King stands in a class of its own.

Ergonomic Design That Belies Its Scale

An Intuitive Architecture

Dominating disposables with an 8.5mL reservoir and hardy 55g frame, you may expect cumbersome handling from the King. However, picking up the device dispels those notions instantly thanks to a clever configuration allowing for uncompromised portability.

Despite the girthy juice capacity and battery compartment internally, the casing maintains a slim silhouette that disappears seamlessly into pockets and handbags. Whereas competitors in its weight class sport clunky constructs, the King redeems its stature through a smoothly contoured chassis void of ungainly protrusions.

Gripping the sleek zinc-alloy exterior in hand fosters an intuitive sense that every aspect was precision-engineered for optimal user-friendliness. From the streamlined facia to the low center of gravity, handling remains agile and natural irrespective of its mighty capacity.

For all its robustness, the King furnishes a futuristic elegance befitting its name through refined aesthetics. With a selection of seven sheen finishes from staple chrome to eclectic oil slick, flair and customizability permeate all facets of design.

Effortless Usability Out the Box

Efficiency reigns supreme throughout interactions with the King, as a sequence of thoughtful touches streamlines fundamental operations drastically. Fumbling with activation sequences, learning curves and confusing menus will not impede enjoyment here.

Once the sealed foil packaging is discarded, the pre-charged battery has enough vitality to freely start vaping. A five-click sequence turns the device on and off, while an automatic shutoff after 10 minutes of idling conserves charge.

With functionality pared back to core essentials, an obstruction-free pathway remains to concentrate on the main event – world-class vaping. The sophisticated need not fret, however, as variable voltage settings still offer control over vapour consistency.

Iget vape

A Battery That Lasts a Long Time

Weeks of Vaping on a Single Charge

Masking beneath the unassuming casing rests a leviathan battery strong enough to meet the lane mile demands of even the most zealous vapours. While most disposables fizzle out in a few days, the King's robust cell even outpaces many rechargeable vape setups for longevity!

A single full charge powers the colossal 2600 puff rating, equivalent to smoking well over 90 cigarettes. Depending on personal puff lengths, individual devices lasted from one to three weeks before eventually flaming out. Suffice it to say, no need exists to panic about abrupt shutoffs interrupting sessions.

Casual and social gatherings shouldn't break a sweat either, as extensive testing showed the battery comfortably handles several dozen prolonged puffing bouts. Only the most extreme chainsmoking managed to drain tanks in less than three days.

Throughout this esteemed stamina, the consistent voltage output safeguards the peak potency of every puff from first to last.

Rapid Recharges When Needed

In the rare instance a top-up is required iGet Implemented ingenious rapid recharge functionality as a contingency. Plugging the USB-C charger in for just 60-90 minutes juices enough energy for another few hundred puffs without having to wait overnight.

While not quite as fast as swappable vape batteries, this convenience helps the King adapt to impromptu events where longevity runs short. Having backup power ready for nights out after work or sudden travel is an understated blessing.

Smooth Performance Rivaling Advanced Rigs

Big Clouds and Bold Flavors

The King's vapour production competes toe-to-toe with many advanced setups, achieving density and richness exceeding disposable norms. An ingenious airflow calibration system constitutes the secret weapon granting smooth yet hearty puffs mimicking higher-tier rigs.

Extra-wide ports ingest copious air to generate voluminous clouds without compromising draw resistance. Impediments like condensation buildup or contaminated channels rarely intervene thanks to the non-removable one-piece tank and mouthpiece.

Vaper satisfaction also comes courtesy of the proprietary quartz heating element purifying richness and consistency of flavour. Lychee Ice and Watermelon Mint profiles astonished with nuance and balance comparable to rebuildable atomizers.

Extensive Customization Range

A suite of adjustments tailors the King towards personal preferences with unusual depth for a disposable platform. While preset functions adapt generously to contrasting vaping intensities, having granular control over vapour dynamics adds great value.

The spectrum spans from temperate 13W mouth-to-lung hits up to stormy direct-lung rips at 25W max setting. Adjusting power within this range notably alters density for those desiring either high efficiency or showmanship. For warmth chasers, voltages between 3.3V to 4.2V also tweak viscosity sensations without affecting longevity.

Having so much flexibility packed into a hassle-free device empowers vapers to tweak exactly how models like the King interact with their smoking style.

Iget vape

E-Liquid Diversity Quenches Every Thirst

A Buffet of Mouthwatering Flavours

Central to supremacy as an elite vaporizer lies the ability to dispense amazing tastes which the King accomplishes with an explorative 10 flavor catalogue. Their lab curated a selection running from cool minty to syrupy sweet profiles spanning popular fruity flavours along with classic tobacco.

Succeeding the sleek cyberpunk aesthetic, Aqua Berry Ice astounds with each icy puff bursting a sweet blend of strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant. For those craving warmer notes, Crème Brûlée enchants with vapours like slowly burning sugar glaze followed by rich vanilla custard.

Each formula optimized balance and authenticity using high-grade nicotine salts distilled for smooth carrying and absorption. This amplified fidelity empowers flavours to express vibrancy unattainable via common synthetic additives.

Universal E-Liquid Compatibility

While the default tastes excite marvellously, the King redeems itself as an unmatched pod system through compatibility with all bottled nicotine salt e-liquids. Splashing in a few millilitres of aftermarket juice took mere seconds without messy syringes or paper towels.

Having the freedom to swap between reputation brands like Naked100 or humble local blends severely elevates the King's value proposition. Why settle on lacklustre native flavours when universal fluid support unlocks unlimited potential?

Verdict - The Apex Disposable Crowns a Champion

In the quest to craft the supreme disposable platform, iGet decidedly chose to go big or go home - then successfully went big AND came home as champions. Simply put, the King unrelentingly delivers across all facets from battery mileage to vapour quality, unlike any competitor.

By just about all quantifiable and anecdotal metrics gathered over extensive assessment, the King incontestably proves itself the apex disposable vape currently available. Considering factory specs already position it miles ahead, the immense talent behind R&D ensures they outclass emerging opponents.

For an investment that undercuts most mid-tier setups, the iGet King gifts vapers an absolute triumph merging elite performance with outstanding value. Beneath the imposing stature lies a gentle giant, and a legend in the making.

FAQs about the iGet King Vape

1. How long does the iGet King Vape last?

The iGet King Vape lasts an incredibly long time! It can provide up to 2,600 puffs per charge which equals around 90 cigarettes. Depending on how often you vape, one charge should easily last between 1-3 weeks. This is much longer than most other disposable vapes on the market.

2. What is the battery capacity?

The battery capacity isn't listed in technical terms, but it's a very large battery! It has to be big and powerful to support up to 2,600 puffs on a single charge. The battery output stays smooth and consistent throughout the long lifespan as well.

3. How much e-liquid does the tank hold?

The iGet King has an impressive 8.5mL e-liquid capacity in its tank. This large tank is part of why it lasts so much longer than other disposables which may only hold half as much fluid. That's a lot of opportunity for tasty puffs before needing a refill!

4. How strong is the nicotine content?

The iGet King Vape uses 50mg of nicotine salt-based e-juice (5% nicotine). This gives a satisfying nicotine experience similar to traditional cigarettes due to the added "kick" from nicotine salts. 50mg is ideal for ex-smokers transitioning away from cigarettes.

5. Does the iGet King produce big vapour clouds?

Absolutely! One of the stand-out features of the iGet King Vape is the large, dense clouds of vapour it's able to produce. They really weren't kidding when they called it the King. The vapour production rivals more advanced vape systems.

Iget vape

6. Can I use other brands of e-liquid in my iGet King?

Yes! Even though the iGet King comes pre-filled with great flavours, one of its biggest perks is you can add whichever nicotine salt-based juices you'd like. It has universal fluid compatibility so go ahead and fill it with your favorites.

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