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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
IGET King vs Gunnpod - Expert Analysis to Find the Best Disposable Vape

IGET King vs Gunnpod - Expert Analysis to Find the Best Disposable Vape

As vaping has exploded globally, disposable vapes have emerged as a hot trend for their convenience, ease of use and affordable pricing. Two of the most acclaimed disposal vape brands are the IGET King and Gunnpod devices, which continue to capture consumer and industry attention with their robust feature sets. With impressive build quality and battery life, flavour intensity, and cloud production, these brands each cater to discerning vapers including newbies and veterans.

In this article, we'll analyze hardware specs like battery efficiency and safety mechanisms side-by-side, while also comparing vapour density, smoothness of draw and flavour accuracy powered by the proprietary tech integrated into each device. By evaluating customizability options surrounding voltage controls, ejuice flavours and stylish model varieties, we offer a complete perspective on the strengths of both dominant brands. The goal is to provide clarity surrounding not just which device holds marginal advantages, but also the particular vaping needs best served by the IGET King or the Gunnpod.

Battle of Build: Comparing Disposable Vape Hardware & Construction

When assessing any vape device, the underlying hardware and construction quality establish critical performance boundaries and dictate the overall user experience. As these disposable vape brands compete for customer loyalty, manufacturers invest heavily in industrial design to push boundaries on battery capacity, coil consistency and safety assurances.

Iget King Juice Ice


While disposable vapes offer convenience, bulky dimensions can limit mobility and discretion. The IGET King impresses with a slim yet rugged zinc alloy casing that feels compact for its class-leading 8.5mL juice reservoir and industry-topping 2600 puff rating. Smooth contours and ergonomic shape disappear easily into pockets. Gunnpod matches impressive portability through sleek, streamlined constructs optimized for 2000 puff journeys.

Battery & Recharging

The marathon battery lifespan sets IGET King apart, outlasting most disposables. Robust cells designed for enduring voltage consistency last shockingly long across a 1-3+ week span on a single 1.6ohm charge. While Gunnpod's battery only powered 2000 puffs, a 90-minute rapid recharge feature helps King adapt to impromptu events after sudden drainage. For those valuing battery resilience, IGET King is unrivalled.

Coils & Voltage

Gunnpod's consistent vaporization stems from fine-tuned 1.6ohm coils and strict 3.3-4.2V regulation producing optimized flavor. IGET King dilation ranges wider across 1.2-1.6ohm coils and 3.2-4.5V flexibility. While some appreciate the vapour customization freedom, coil longevity risks accelerated degradation outside ideal resistance/voltage combinations.

Safety & Security

With electronics operating at high intensities, protective measures are expected. IGET King provides the most comprehensive suite covering short circuits, low voltage, high temp and other common issues that disrupt functionality. While no egregious deficiencies exist in Gunnpod's safety methods, IGET King users gain more peace of mind against rare issues.

Vape Clouds & Pure Flavor: Evaluating Performance

Once the foundation is built through robust hardware, the hallmarks of incredible performance come down to vapour quality and flavour accuracy. Disposable vapes live or die on their ability to produce smoothly satisfying clouds packed with flavour. Both IGET King and Gunnpod leverage special technical tricks to churn thick, dense plumes filled with authentic taste.

Inhale Activation

Having an intuitive and responsive draw activates the heating element only when needed, conserving battery and e-liquid. IGET King's automatic component triggers instantly based on airflow patterns. Gunnpod uses a sturdy button-press mechanism ensuring ideal coil engagement. While some prefer automation for pure simplicity, Gunnpod's manual control prevents misfires.

Cloud Density

The sheer visibility and thickness of exhaled vapour make a statement. Gunnpod outputs respectable density by vaporizer standards. However, the IGET King's widened air intake ports swallow copious supplementary air, creating truly gargantuan plumes resembling advanced mods. Cloud chasers gravitating towards showmanship and intensity give IGET King a slight edge.


Harshness and throat discomfort ruin the vapour experience quickly. Both brands score big on the smooth draw, although the IGET King's customizable airflow, voltage and smart pressure calibration edge out Gunnpod's consistency. Lower nicotine strengths assist smoothness.

Iget King

Flavor Accuracy

Delivering amazingly authentic and multi-dimensional flavour equals success. By utilizing advanced heating tech and choosing ejuice profiles wisely, both devices extract excellent accuracy. Gunnpod makes purity and freshness priorities with exotic fruit and menthol options. IGET King offers bolder dessert and tobacco blends emphasizing richness over nuance.

Personalize Your Vape: Flavor, Style & Settings Customization

What sets advanced vapes apart from cigalikes is the personal customization offering unique experiences. Both IGET King and Gunnpod enable vapers to fine-tune flavour profiles, aesthetics and vapour settings aligning with individual preferences. While disposables limit extensive mods, they stretch customization further than expected.

E-Liquid Flavors

Choosing juice flavours that spark the senses makes all the difference. Gunnpod rotates fruit-focused options like Strawberry Rush, Mixed Berry and Green Apple frequently. Most contain ice or minty cooling for added complexity. IGET King also offers fruity mango, grape and watermelon flavours, but goes bolder with Sweet Tobacco, Cuban Cigar, Irish Cream and intricate dessert/drink hybrids to satisfy flavour chasers.

Nicotine Concentrations

Varying nic levels directly aid the transition from smoking while allowing for gradual weaning. Gunnpod keeps things simple with just 0mg and 5% salt nicotine versions of flavour ranges. IGET King shows greater flexibility in targeting nic satisfaction with 0mg, 3mg standard or 5% salt nicotine concentrations. Tighter nic tolerance warrants IGET King's dosage control.

Aesthetic Options

Consumers love expressing individuality through vibrant colours and stylish finishes. Gunnpod impresses most in the aesthetic realm, offering diverse selections like textured matte navy, crimson red and eye-catching gradients across chrome, rose gold and more. Limited edition hues frequently refresh uniqueness. IGET King also provides 7 elegant finishes, but channels Apple's iPhone minimalism focusing more on sleek zinc durability over flair.

Bang for Your Buck: Price and Cost Efficiency Analysis

With vaping providing an affordable alternative to smoking already, disposable units add convenience without breaking budgets. Evaluating true value involves balancing upfront costs, long-term expenses from continual repurchasing, and overall product quality per dollar. While IGET King costs marginally more outright, its enduring longevity balances spent over time.

Upfront Device Pricing

Given similar core features on paper, initial sticker price carries importance for cash-strapped buyers. Across most common flavours, Gunnpod rings up slightly cheaper at $14-16 per unit depending on region, averaging savings around $3-5 cheaper than the $19 IGET King. Bulk orders can decrease prices further. However when factoring the drastic battery differences, the value shifts...

Cost Per Puff

With IGET King batteries reliably achieving 14-20x the lifespan of Gunnpod thanks to industry-leading 2600 puff design capacity, cost efficiency improves substantially. If Gunnpod lasts 100-200 puffs daily for 2 weeks before disposal, IGET King lasts 500+ puffs for over a month assuming equal usage. Factoring battery longevity, IGET King delivers 2.5x more value.

Product Support

Standing behind devices with warranties and friendly customer service increases brand loyalty substantially. Both Gunnpod and IGET King guarantee purchases against manufacturer defects, but support experiences vary. IGET King receives praise for prompt, helpful guidance and smooth replacement logistics compared to mixed Gunnpod reviews. Consider post-purchase protection.

Buying Disposables In Australia

As an Aussie vape enthusiast diving into disposable options beyond typical mod kits and juice blends, both the iGet King and Gunnpod deliver quality that parallels top vape shop standards. With legislation limiting access to vape gear and ejuice domestically, reputable disposables bridge gaps convenience-wise.

Trying established import brands like iGet and relative newcomer Gunnpod, performance and flavour intensity live up to expectations from using regulated box mods and atomizers. While the 2600mAh battery lifespan of iGet King extends usage patterns beyond most disposables on the market, Gunnpod's compact size and rapid recharging work well for topping up at events and on nights out.

Both brands offer nic salt versions accommodating the transition from traditional tobacco strengths. For fellow Aussies navigating restrictive vape laws, turning to internationally-available disposables like iGet King and Gunnpod helps retain access to sensational flavour and vapour production rivalling domestic ejuice. Battery longevity differs between the giants iGet King and smaller Gunnpod models, but both deliver queues of rich, silky draw after draw.

Iget King Cola Ice

The Final Verdict: IGET King Emerges as the Ultimate Disposable Vape

After comparing all the critical categories influencing vaping experiences and value, the legendary IGET King disposable vape claims the advantage over Gunnpod to emerge as the superior option that balances quality and affordability.

When factoring sheer battery lifespan, vapour intensity and enduring performance span, IGET King justifies slightly higher asking prices through drastically more puffs per charge. Budget-focused vapers also benefit more from IGET King over the long run. Top-notch vapour production and exemplary flavour variety also cater well to both cloud-chasing and flavor-chasers.

However, for beginners seeking convenience without complexity, Gunnpod warrants consideration. The ergonomic size, ease of use and automatic functions simplify usage. Battery longevity meets the moderate demands of most casual vapers as well. Those needing a travel-friendly or backup device should weigh Gunnpod's portability too.

In summary - IGET King stands tallest as the premium disposable vape for intermediate/advanced vapers wanting extreme battery efficiency, vapour performance and flavour flexibility in a rugged yet portable chassis. Gunnpod fills a role for starter/emergency purposes, but trails in customization and longevity.

Parting Thoughts: Finding the Right Disposable Vape For You

Across the spectrum of disposable vape enthusiasts including first-timers to experienced hobbyists, either the peak performance of IGET King or the simplified experience from Gunnpod provides the ideal gateway into vaping. Use this full feature comparison as guidance when choosing a disposable vape tailored to your needs and budget. Both brands deliver satisfying vapour production far beyond convenience store disposables, but the ultra customization and industry-leading battery efficiency of IGET King make it the definitive option to fulfil demanding vapour cravings.

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