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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
iGet & Relx: Amplifying Your Australian Summer Vaping Adventures

iGet & Relx: Amplifying Your Australian Summer Vaping Adventures

The Australian sun shines brightly, the beaches swell with crowds, and the sizzle of barbecues fills the air. It's almost summertime in Australia! Now imagine complementing those iconic summer vibes with the flavorful sensation of vaping. With leading brands iGet and Relx catering products specifically to Australian vapers, the experience reaches new heights.

Introducing iGet - Australia's Iconic Vaping Brand

Known for Quality and Flavour

iGet has become a leading vaping brand across Australia with its reputation for exceptional devices and e-juice flavours. Their disposable vape bars are particularly popular for offering convenience, portability, and powerful performance.

A Balance of Smoothness and Throat Hit

The top-rated iGet Bar provides the ultimate combo of smoothness and throat hit and delivers up to 5000 satisfying puffs from a long-lasting 1800mAh battery.

Over 30 Delicious Flavors

With a huge selection of over 30 flavours, vapers can find their ideal match. Choices range from smooth tobacco to ice grape and fruity mango. There's a flavour for everyone!

Options for Different Needs

Beyond the iGet Bar, models like the Legend and Goat offer larger batteries and airflow for more vapour and throat hit. Disposables range from $15-$60 AUD.

Quintessentially Australian

iGet understands Aussie vapers and captures the local summer culture in its branding. As an innovative company, iGet has become Australia's iconic vaping brand.

For quality, flavour, and performance perfect for Aussie vaping, discover the amazing experience of iGet!

Introducing Relx - The Future of Vaping

Relx is taking the Australian vaping scene by storm. With its combination of innovation, quality, and community, Relx has become a top brand for vapers across the country. If you're looking for a great vaping experience, Relx has you covered.

  • Sleek, stylish designs - Relx devices feature modern aesthetics in a slim, compact form factor that slides easily into pockets or bags. Their minimalist look gives off a vibe that's perfect for today's on-the-go vaper.
  • Amazing flavour selection - An ever-expanding flavour range keeps Relx users excited. Choices span fruity, sweet, minty, and savoury, so you can find the perfect flavour for your tastes. New selections are constantly added based on community feedback.
  • Quality at affordable pricing - Relx offers impressive performance and technology for smooth, satisfying hits, all at accessible price points. This makes switching from traditional cigarettes more appealing.
  • Active user community - Relx engages with vapers to build an interactive community. Users provide feedback for continuous product improvements and advice for new switchers.
  • Innovations for the future - With a forward-thinking mindset, Relx empowers vapers to embrace the possibilities of the future. As vaping evolves, Relx will remain at the forefront.

For today's Australian vaper looking for style, flavour, innovation, and value, Relx delivers an exceptional experience. Discover the future of vaping with Relx.

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Bringing Aussies Together: iGet and Relx for Community

Vaping Connects Australians

Sharing vapes has become a modern way for Aussies to bond while relaxing and conversing at popular events like Australia Day BBQs, summer music festivals, or backyard cricket matches with friends. iGet and Relx help facilitate community spirit by providing great-tasting flavours and activities to enjoy together. Their portable sizes make them easy to bring and pass around at crowded gatherings.

Beach Vaping Tips

At iconic beaches like Bondi, be conscientious of wind direction and avoid exhaling large vapour clouds near others enjoying the water or sand. Protect vapes from damage by keeping them in carrying cases rather than leaving them directly on the sand where they can get buried or splashed. Rest them on towels or bags instead. Stay hydrated with water, and make sure to reapply sunscreen often if vaping for long sessions, as nicotine can dehydrate the skin.

BBQ Vaping Etiquette

Offer puffs of flavours like icy menthol or fruity mango to guests and check if any non-vapers are present before vaping at Aussie BBQs. Position yourself downwind when exhaling bigger clouds so the vapour doesn't disrupt people's meals. Take the opportunity to try pairing complementary vape and drink flavours for fun taste combinations. Just remember to stay safe and moderate alcohol intake if intoxicated.

Parties and Pubs

Introduce your device and flavours to others at laidback backyard parties or while chatting in vaping lounges at pubs as icebreakers. Exchange puffs to try new flavours and compare devices. Always monitor your vape carefully if sharing with new mates, and follow proper hygiene. Make new friends over the latest accessories and juices!

Appreciating Community

Vaping allows Aussies to casually relax, bond over sports teams like NRL, and make lasting summer memories. iGet and Relx thoughtfully enhance the community values and connections that bring Australians together.

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Welcome to Australia's Best Summer Vibes

As the Australian summer rolls on, there will be many more chances to enjoy quality vaping experiences with good mates. iGet and Relx provide exceptional options for enhancing those iconic Aussie summertime gatherings. With their commitment to flavour, innovation and community, these leading brands empower vapers to embrace the quintessential easygoing lifestyle.

We hope this guide gave you ideas on integrating vaping into your upcoming beach trips, barbies, parties and more. Remember to always vape responsibly and respectfully as we bring Aussies together. The future is bright for vaping culture and the community down under. So spark up your iGet or Relx, appreciate your mates, and welcome to Australia's best summer vibes!

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