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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Frequently Asked Questions About RELX Vaping Devices

Frequently Asked Questions About RELX Vaping Devices

RELX is a popular brand of e-cigarettes and vaporizers that has been gaining substantial market share in recent years. As RELX products grow in popularity, many new users have questions about how to use them properly and maintain a quality experience. This article will explore some frequently asked questions about RELX devices and pods to help both new and experienced users.

Q1: What are the main RELX products?

RELX offers two primary categories of vaping products: devices and pods. Their most popular devices include:

RELX Artisan Device

The RELX Artisan Device exudes elegance and craftsmanship, taking vaping to an artistic level. Key features:

  • Textured metal body provides luxurious feel and intricate grip patterns
  • Sleek statement design available in black,silver, indigo, blue, and orange
  • Customize theexperience with stunning interchangeable pods in diverse flavours
  • FEELM ceramic atomizers ensure smooth, rich flavour output without leakage or burning
  • Easy one-step operation - simply insert thepod of choice to start vaping
  • Long-lasting battery life

Blending innovative form and function, the Artisan brings artistic expression to vaping.

RELX Classic Device

The affordable RELX Classic was RELX's first device release. Key features:

  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to use
  • Automatic draw activation - no buttons needed
  • Magnetized drop-in pods make swapping flavours easy
  • Tight yet smooth mouth-to-lung draw resembles a cigarette
  • 20+ nic salt flavours across fruit, tea, tobacco and drink categories
  • FEELM ceramic coils prevent dry/burnt hits even when the pod is near empty
  • 350mAh battery capacity lasts a reasonable vaping duration
  • Fast 45-minute micro USB charging

The Classic earns high marks as a quality, user-friendly pod vaping system great for beginners and an excellent JUUL alternative.

RELX Infinity Device

The sleek RELX Infinity features:

  • Award-winning rounded, pocket-friendly design
  • Comfortable flat mouthpiece
  • Easy magnetic pod insertion
  • Capacity: 1.9ml per pod, 380mAh battery
  • Vibration and LEDs indicate battery level and overuse
  • Auto draw activation
  • 400-600puffs pod lifespan
  • Fast 45-minute USB-C charging

The lightweight Infinity delivers robust performance to help transitioning smokers quit.

RELX Essential Device

The RELX Essential delivers an intuitive, reliable vaping experience optimized for daily use. Key features:

  • Sleek, durable design with unique wavy texture for enhanced grip
  • Symmetrical, quickly interchangeable pods
  • Straightforward operation for fuss-free vaping on the go
  • Lasts up to 500 puffs per full 40-minute USB-C charge
  • Proprietary Active-steam Pro and Air Boost technologies ensure a Super SmoothTM mouthfeel every pull
  • LED indicator light
  • Robust construction and thoughtful design for quality and convenience

RELX Infinity 2 Device

The RELX Infinity 2 is the first power-adjustable product from RELX, putting customization control at your fingertips:

  • Three distinct power modes to optimize vaping sessions:
    • Green light(5.5W) for battery conservation
    • Blue light(6.5W) for the familiar RELX taste
    • Purple light(8W) for thicker clouds and bolder flavour
  • Enhanced charging speed reaches 80% capacity rapidly
  • Exclusive Relx Pro Pods 2 to experience adjustable power modes
  • Unlocks customizable vaping from subtle to extreme

Relx X Waka Smash 6000 Disposable Vape

The Relx X Waka Smash 6000 is an all-in-one disposable vape made in collaboration between Relx and Waka. Key features:

  • 6000+ puff capacity
  • 12ml pre-filled e-liquid
  • 5% nicotine salt formulation
  • Rechargeable 500mAh battery (USB-C charging cable included)
  • Slim, sleek and ergonomic mouthpiece design for portability and comfort
  • Available in 14 delicious flavours that deliver robust yet satisfying vapour

As a disposable, the Waka Smash 6000 offers the ultimate hassle-free experience - no need to replace coils or refill pods. It's engineered to last through 6000+ satisfying puffs until the pre-filled e-liquid is fully vaped.

Q2: What's inside a RELX pod?

RELX formulates its own proprietary, high-quality e-liquid for exceptional flavour and satisfaction. Key ingredients include:

Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is an odourless, colourless compound commonly used in food production, cosmetics, and vaping liquids. It is generally considered safe but can cause throat irritation for some.

Vegetable Glycerin

Like propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin is prevalent in many everyday products like processed foods. It provides a smooth, slightly sweet flavour.

Food-Grade Flavourings

To create delicious flavours, RELX uses non-oil-based, food-grade flavouring compounds like those found in baking extracts and soda.

Nicotine Salts

While traditional cigarettes utilize freebase nicotine, RELX pods contain nicotine salts. This form more closely mimics the natural nicotine found in tobacco leaves. Nicotine salts are less harsh, allowing higher concentrations to be used. RELX pods are available in 0mg or 20mg strengths to suit user preferences.


Q3: How to assemble and use a RELX device

Assembling and operating a RELX vaping device properly ensures ideal performance. Follow these step-by-step instructions.

1. Before First Use

Charge the battery fully by placing the RELX device on the included charging stand. Keep the charged stand connected to the power source with a USB cable for 1-2 hours to reach 100% battery capacity for initial use.

2. Parts Overview

The RELX device has two main components:

  • Pod: Stores e-liquid; inserted into battery. Available in prefilled or refillable options. Houses internal wick and heating coil.
  • Battery: Provides power when theuser puffs on the Contains an internal chamber to connect the pod. Some models offer adjustable power and temperature controls.

3. Insert Pod

  • Orient rectangular pod above battery chamber. Match electrical contacts on both parts. Apply light downward pressure to connect; do not force. Listen for asoft click as magnets engage to ensure proper insertion.
  • Gently tug on the pod to confirm solid attachment. The pod should not detach or rattle when properly seated.

4. Fill Pod (Refillable Models Only)

  • Flip the pod upside down to view the silicone seal on theCarefully peel away the seal to reveal the fill port. Insert the preferred e-liquid flavour bottle tip into the port opening. Slowly dispense 0.5-1 ml while avoiding overfill spillage.
  • Replace thesilicone seal securely after filling to prevent leakage.

5. Prepare Device

  • Allow 2-3 minutes after filling (refillable pods) for thewick to fully absorb e-liquid before vaping. This prevents unwelcome burnt or dry hits.
  • Use this time to set preferred airflow, temperature/wattage or other custom vaping settings on battery. Adjust to find your ideal settings.

6. Vape from Mouthpiece

Wrap lips gently around the mouthpiece end of the pod. Inhale slowly and steadily to activate the battery and produce vapour. Remove the mouthpiece after inhaling and exhale vapour away from the device.

Q4: How to clean your RELX vaping device

Performing regular maintenance and cleaning is crucial for getting the best flavour and longevity out of your RELX vape. Follow these steps to clean each component.

1. Clean the Tank and Mouthpiece

  • Remove thetank from the battery housing by gently pulling up
  • Unscrew the mouthpiece and set aside
  • Drain any remaining e-liquid from the tank and dispose of it properly
  • Disassemble tank by removing seals, chimney, base and coil

For light cleaning:

  • Fill sink or bowl with warm water
  • Submerge tank parts individually and scrub with a soft brush
  • Rinse thoroughly under tap
  • Dry parts with lint-free cloth or allow to fully air dry

For deep cleaning:

  • Disassemble thetank fully
  • Dip a cloth in vodka or cleaning solution
  • Gently scrub stubborn residue on all parts
  • Rinse under tap water
  • Air dry components completely before reattaching
  • Reassemble thetank once fully dry by replacing the coil, chimney and seals
  • Reattach mouthpiece

2. Change the Coil

  • Remove the tank from the battery housing
  • Drain the remaining e-liquid from the tank
  • Unscrew the old coil by turning it counterclockwise
  • Screw in replacement coil clockwise
  • Prime coil by adding 2-3 drops of e-liquid directly
  • Allow to sit for 5+ minutes to fully saturate wick
  • Reattach thetank to the battery housing

3. Clean Battery and Connections

  • Wipe exterior battery housing with dry microfiber cloth
  • Use cotton swabs to gently clean connectors
  • Avoid getting moisture into the battery chamber
  • Fully dry all parts


Q5: How to maintain a RELX device?

Store Pods Correctly

Keep pods in an upright position to stop leaking of e-liquid inside. Also, store them at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, heat, cold, and excess dirt, which can hurt pods. Use a portable case when travelling to avoid drops and keep good airflow to the coil inside.

Charge the Battery the Right Way

Fully charge the battery in 40 minutes or less so the battery stays safe and works well. Always charge on a clean, non-flammable surface without things that can catch fire. You know it's fully charged when the little light turns off.

Clean All the Parts

Use cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol to gently clean the inside of used pods and where you put your mouth. Make sure everything is totally dry before putting it back together. Rushing can make things break easier.

Don't Run Out of Juice

Put new e-liquid in pods before the juice runs out completely. This stops the coil from getting dry and burning. Follow what the pod maker says for how long pods should last.

If you take good care of all the separate pieces, your RELX vape will work the right way for a long time!

Q6: Why is my device not producing vapour?

When vapour production suddenly ceases despite a full charge, the likely culprit is a loose pod connection. After verifying the correct insertion, try removing and reattaching the pod or installing a fresh one if needed. Pod connections prone to gunk buildup over time may also impede contact.

Q7: Why is my battery not holding charge?

Inadequate battery life often results from habitual partial recharging. While convenient for a quick boost, topping up rather than fully replenishing battery capacity diminishes lifespan over many cycles. Establish consistent overnight charging to nurture battery endurance.


Q8: Why are my pods leaking?

E-liquid leaking outside a pod usually indicates prolonged inactive periods allowing inner saturation to seep outward. Storing detached pods preserves battery contact cleanliness while preventing tank flooding. Quickly wiping any visible leaks further protects sensitive connections.

Q9: Why do I taste burnt flavour?

The common causes behind repulsive burnt flavour include depleted e-liquid levels or excessive coil wear prompting replacement. Monitoring visible juice while vaping helps avoid wick scorching. Swapping in fresh pods after consuming full tanks also maintains taste.

Q10: Why are the indicator lights blinking?

Finally, unfamiliar blinking LED light patterns on RELX devices signify emerging issues. Cross-referencing against user manuals facilitates accurate diagnosis ranging from temporary glitches resolved by cleaning to system failures needing customer support.

Q11: How should I dispose of my used RELX vaping device?

Unlike some other e-cigarettes, RELX devices are designed to be rechargeable and reused rather than disposed of quickly. However, when it does eventually reach the end of life after extensive use and recharging, follow your city's recommendations for recycling consumer electronics with integrated lithium-polymer batteries rather than throwing it out with normal household trash. Many hardware stores, recycling centres, or community hazardous waste collection services accept these items to ensure batteries get disposed of properly without harming the environment. Check with your local municipal website or visit a RELX retail store for guidance on responsibly recirculating all the components of your RELX device after using it to its full lifespan capacity.

Q12: Do RELX products qualify as disposable e-cigarettes?

No, RELX e-cigarettes are intended to exceed the limited warranty lifespan through consistent recharging and reuse rather than being disposable. The rechargeable battery, replaceable pods and ability to swap components as needed allow RELX products to provide extended reliable service life compared to one-time disposable options.

Q13: Can RELX pods be reused?

No, RELX pods are designed for single use to ensure flavour quality and safety. The internal coil and wicking material break down over time, making it unsuitable for e-liquid refills. Always use fresh replacement pods.

Q14: Is RELX safer than smoking?

Yes, public health agencies have concluded that RELX and other major vaping brands expose users to significantly lower levels of dangerous chemicals compared to traditional cigarette smoke. However, non-smokers should still avoid starting nicotine habits.

Q15: Can you throw a vape down the toilet?

No, disposing of e-cigarettes or any vaping products down the toilet can lead to hazardous materials like lithium-ion batteries, metals and e-liquids damaging plumbing and entering waterways. Follow proper electronics recycling procedure.

Q16: Can you throw vape pods in the bin?

Used vaping pods are classified as hazardous e-waste and require special handling to avoid contaminating general landfills. Check local regulations for disposal or mail-back recycling.

Q17: How can you tell a fake RELX?

Signs of a counterfeit RELX product include unusual or inconsistent packaging, warning labels omitted, no batch code on pods, misspelled words, atypical design flaws, very low pricing compared to legitimate retail pricing, and of course any explicit "replica" branding. Verify authenticity through authorized sellers.

Q18: Does RELX juice expire?

Properly stored unopened RELX pods maintain quality for at least one year after production date, extending longer refrigerated. Nicotine and flavours may gradually oxidize affecting quality over longer periods or if subjected to heat/sunlight.


Q19: Are RELX vaping devices waterproof?

No, RELX does not claim any of its vaping devices or components to be waterproof or water-resistant. Exposing your RELX device, battery, pods or charging case to water or excessive moisture can lead to permanent damage from short-circuiting, corrosion, or leaking e-liquid. While incidental small splashes on the exterior surface may not immediately harm functionality in some cases, allowing any amount of moisture inside key ports or connections risks safety issues or destruction over time. For optimal performance and lifespan, always keep your RELX electronic vaping components away from direct water contact and dry surfaces after cleaning.

Q20: What should I do if my RELX device gets dropped in water accidentally?

In the event your powered-on RELX device is submerged or exposed to more liquid than just incidental exterior splashing, do not continue attempting to use it. Turn off immediately, disconnect pods and charging cables, and allow a minimum 72 hours to thoroughly air dry any salvageable components you believe were not immersed long enough for irrecoverable water damage. However, most instances of accidental submersion or soaking will likely destroy electronic circuitry permanently.

Q21: What medical conditions or situations are contraindicated for using my RELX vaping device?

RELX cautions those with alcohol allergies, heart disease, hypertension, respiratory disease, pregnancy or breastfeeding to refrain from vaping. Nicotine and other compounds may exacerbate the risks associated with these pre-existing conditions. Even if not part of a higher-risk group, discontinue vaping immediately if experiencing any discomfort such as nausea, dizziness or breathing issues when using your RELX device. As with any nicotine delivery system, reasonable usage per individual habit and health status is recommended. Those concerned about potential contradictions given personal medical history should first consult their doctor before trying RELX products.

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