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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
The Top 10 RELX Pod Flavours For Australian Vapers

The Top 10 RELX Pod Flavours For Australian Vapers

RELX stands tall as a trailblazing innovator within the vaping realm thanks to its unwavering commitment to quality and exceptional variety. Their pod systems, like the compact Infinity or feature-packed Classic, effortlessly combine cutting-edge functionality with phenomenal flavour delivery.

Boasting one of the most extensive flavour libraries around, RELX offers endless options spanning fruity, beverages, dessert, candy, tobacco, menthol and everything in between. With so many tempting flavours up for grabs, narrowing down the very best available locally proved an ambitious yet rewarding mission.

After exhaustive trial runs assessing accuracy, uniqueness, evolution and overall vapour satisfaction, we proudly present the Top 10 tantalizing RELX nic salt e-juice options that every Aussie vaper must experience firsthand. Time to meet your new all-day vapes!

Top 10 RELX Pod Flavours for Aussies

#1: Menthol Plus (Sweet Mint)

At long last, we reach the chilled-out climax - our #1 top RELX pod recommendation, specially for Aussie vapers...Menthol Plus! Also hailed as Sweet Mint, this wintry flavour formulation stands leagues above your average menthol. Perfumey peppermint potency gets cranked to the next level thanks to unmatched cooling intensity.

Inhaling brings a frosty peppermint blast, cutting through any vape fatigue instantly while avoiding methanol harshness. Mid-puff the sweet elements emerge for slight berry fruitiness, complementing the mint superbly. Finish with frosty freshness, tingling those tastebuds excitedly. Menthol Plus brings new meaning to cool addiction!


#2: Banana Coconut Cream

This phenomenal Thai dessert-inspired creation whisks you away to the tropics by capturing perfect plantain banana ripeness alongside luscious coconut cream. Inhaling BC first unleashes plump banana yumminess melded with subtle vanilla bean accents - ripe and impossibly smooth from the go.

Mid-inhale those coconut facets build, offering a rich, creamy texture beautifully contrasting the bright banana notes. Exhaling finishes with a gentle sprinkle of cinnamon spice for added Southeast Asian flair. Banana Coconut makes the ultimate after-dinner vape to savour.

#3: Cherry Lime Rickey

Cherry Lime Rickey clinches the bronze medal at #3 by brilliantly bouncing between sparkling cherry and lime highlights. Things kick off with inhaling sweet candied cherry before ceding to tart lime for added intrigue mid-draw. Zesty citrus perfectly balances any saccharine excesses.

The playful back-and-forth cherry-lime dance dazzles tastebuds even more thanks to effervescent sensations prickling the palate across each hit. That fizzy mouthfeel seriously enhances the soda shop impression! Cherry Lime Rickey is summer vaping satisfaction bottled up.

#4: Frozen Berry Blast

Here, crisp menthol enhancement takes a medley of mixed Australian bush berries on an exhilarating flavour ride! Your Frozen Berry Blast experience commences by highlighting luscious blackberry and raspberry notes warmed by a hint of sweetness upon first inhale.

Mid-puff watch out - that frosty chill rush storms your senses, amplifying the berry brightness meticulously! Exhaling allows the lush berry fruits and cooling agents to mingle magically. Frozen Berry Blast makes the ultimate hot weather accompaniment here in the Land Down Under.

#5: Green Zest Tobacco

Tobacco vapes often overly accentuate bitter, nutty tones yet Green Zest Tobacco artfully avoids this common pitfall by seamlessly infusing zesty green apple sweetness into the classic leafy profile. Expect exceptional smoothness minus any acrid impressions.

Upon first inhale expect the rich tobaccos to shine through, offering an incredible aroma mimicking beloved cigars sans any harsh bite. Mid-draw, the crisp green apple elements emerge, cutting the tobacco beautifully with just enough vibrant fruitiness to reinvigorate the palate puff after puff. Masterful phrasing of flavours!

#6: Crisp Green (Apple Ice)

Crisp Green Apple Ice clinches #6 by infusing refreshingly ripe green apple notes with icy exhilaration across every draw. Inhaling first highlights the sweet yet tart apple facets - think favourite candy or bubblegum flavours minus any overt sugary edges.

The smooth addition of cooling agents mid-puff onwards means extra dimension with every frosty exhale. Crisp Green avoids vapour's tongue no matter how frequently you sip, thanks to the perfect balance of core fruit zing and minty contrast. A reliable ADV to savour morning, noon and night Down Under!


#7: Lychee Orange

Lychee Orange creatively combines sweet floral lychee essence against zesty orange citrus for a symphony of complementary Asian flavours. Initially, inhaling brings abundant candy-like lychee, tasting remarkably akin to the fruit's delicate rosy perfume and nectar sweetness.

Mid-puff the lively orange infusions gather momentum, offering a sharp, citrusy balance to the lychee. Exhaling finishes with menthol chill to keep palates on their toes! Lychee Orange makes another unique fruit fusion set to impress even the choosiest vaping palates.

#8: Zesty Sparkle (Lemon-Lime Soda)

Every flavour authority knows citrus soda renditions tend to fall painfully flat or cloyingly sweet. Yet RELX's sparkling Zesty Sparkle flavour brilliantly bucks the trend! This luminous lemon-lime duo perfectly encapsulates the fizzy, lip-smacking zing of your favourite soda shop serving.

Inhaling Zesty Sparkle means effervescent sensations immediately prismatically dancing across your palate - tart lemon and lime in equal zesty measure. Hints of chill provide intrigue mid-puff onward. Think vaping a sunshine-filled glass of Sprite without any chemical aftertaste! Truly exceptional among citrus nic salts.

#9: Colden Crystal (Honey Grapefruit)

Next up at #9 we have Colden Crystal, aka RELX's extraordinary honey-sweetened grapefruit sensation! Initially inhaling brings zesty pink grapefruit facets to the forefront - sweetened by nectar yet retaining characteristic bitter and sour citrusy flesh. Truly mouth-watering stuff.

Halfway through inhaling, deliciously rich honeyed elements emerge to offer a luscious contrast against the grapefruit. Exhaling reveals the nuances harmonizing beautifully into summery sweet-tart bliss. Colden Crystal avoids any overwhelmingly saccharine impressions for stellar all-day potential!

#10: Strawberry Grape

Kicking off the countdown at number 10 is the glistening Strawberry Grape. This gold medal flavour pairing showcases plump, sugary strawberry highlights melded flawlessly into a rich bed of juicy green grape undertones. Tang meets sweet in perfect proportion.

Inhaling unveils vibrant candy-like strawberries prior to smoothly transitioning towards concord grape richness, akin to beloved PB&J sandwiches but in vape form! Both fruits meld deliciously without overshadowing. The light, icy exhale provides added dimension. Strawberry Grape does fruit fusion fantastically.


The Hardware: RELX Pod Devices

While exceptional e-juice undoubtedly claims the spotlight, let's take a moment to showcase the innovative tech driving RELX's pod systems. The sleek, compact design of devices like the Infinity or Classic means you can enjoy those flavour winners anywhere discretely.

Both the Infinity and Classic boast elegantly minimalist aesthetics with exceptional functionality to match. The Infinity comes loaded with customization potential across variable voltage, draw activation and colourful LED light bands. At the same time, the Classic offers a highly intuitive auto-draw mechanism and greater e-juice capacity for worry-free vaping freedom.

Whichever RELX pod mod tickles your fancy, expect an exceptional user experience. Between convenient magnetic or push-to-fill mechanisms to USB fast charging on the move, RELX devices are expertly crafted for reliability. Speaking of pods, you've got your choice of the Frosted or Smooth Mouthpiece varieties - angular or sloped depending on your preference.

Or fire up the Nano 2.0, RELX's most impressive creation yet! This tiny yet powerful pod mod packs stealthy size with fierce performance power, firing at up to 25w. What's more, the luxurious leather-bound edition adds a refined style perfect for the boardroom and beyond.

Optimizing Your RELX Pod Flavours

Taste preferences may be subjective, but your device settings definitely impact overall flavour delivery. Understanding how to optimize those key functions of your RELX pod system for your chosen e-juice brings the best results. Here are some top tips for fine-tuning:

  • Experiment with adjustable voltage, starting low and increasing slowly to determine the ideal flavour sweet spots for that particular e-liquid.
  • Certain flavours shine brighter at higher voltages while others peak in flavour at the lower end thanks to increased vapour density, intensifying taste impression.
  • Try adjusting your draw length using pulse inhales to see if shorter or longer hits enhance those flavour intricacies you most enjoy.
  • Higher resistance pods lose some vapour power but often prove more flavourful. Lower res pods maximize clouds yet may muddle flavour. Find your balance.

Don't forget RELX's pods are also cross-compatible depending on your device! You can pop Infinity pods into a Classic and vice versa, adding more customization potential. Personalization is key for the ultimate vaping experience with each flavour combination.

RELX Pod Flavour Tips: Troubleshooting

Our team have spent ample time reviewing and laboratory testing snags that can diminish flavour satisfaction over long-term vaping. Often, the culprit is failure to prime those new coils correctly, leading to burnout or cotton dryness ruining the pure flavour. So heed these troubleshooting tips:

  • Stopping to prime those fresh coils at least 2-3 minutes before initial use greatly enhances longevity. Slowly ramping up draws lets wicking saturate preventing cotton burn.
  • Pods lasting well over a typical day of use may need midday heat priming by taking several very slow inhales without firing coils to re-saturate, wicking and restore taste vibrancy.
  • Ensure not to chain vape excessively when moving between flavour pods to allow coils to breathe room. Burning those pods too hot, and too frequently speeds up the expiry date.
  • Lastly, replace any pods where you notice extremely diminished vapour production or off tastes emerging that priming and voltage tweaks fail to revive. Don't settle for lacklustre flavour!


Final Thoughts

While the staggering number of exceptional pod flavour options RELX offers can seem overwhelming initially, a touch of experimentation goes a long way. Don't be afraid to think outside the box and explore unique pairings beyond your usual go-to fruit or beverage profiles.

As you make your way through our definitive top 10 tantalizing RELX e-juice picks, pay close attention to how customized device settings and vaping habits impact results. Optimizing output for each individual pod and your personal puffing style proves vital for maximizing enjoyment long-term. Here's hoping all our fellow Aussie vapers discover exciting new fruity or creamy ADVs from RELX's pod system creative genius that keeps those tastebuds coming back for more week after week!

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