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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
The 10 Best Vape Juice Flavours for Beginners

The 10 Best Vape Juice Flavours for Beginners

Getting into vaping can be confusing, especially when facing the overload of enticing vape juice flavours available nowadays. With thousands of options to pick from, it's hard to know where to begin selecting those first covetous e-liquid flavours to vape and enjoy as a novice. The sweet allure of creamy custards, icy menthols, fruity taffies, and indulgent dessert blends can quickly overwhelm those new to vaping. That's why you need this list. The following guide covers a definitive selection of delicious, accessible e-juice flavours that are perfect for beginner vapers. These well-balanced, easy-to-vape flavours will provide that ideal initiation into the sweet satisfaction that the right e-liquid can deliver while acquainting your taste buds with some pleasing highlights popular among veteran cloud-chasers.

How to Choose Your First Vape Flavours

When selecting your inaugural vape juices, keep flavour profiles simple without too many overlapping flavour notes. This allows you to accurately gauge aroma and taste to discern enjoyable flavours to suit your palate.

Focus on Primary Flavour Categories

Stick to major flavour categories like fruit, dessert, mint, candy, etc. Primary flavours deliver defined sensory experiences to understand flavour preferences, without excessive complexity confusing the palate.

Evaluate Flavour Enjoyment From Enjoyed Foods/Drinks

Consider flavours you already relish in your favourite foods and beverages and seek vape juice flavours aligning with beloved taste experiences. If you enjoy sweet berries, sour citrus, icy mint or rich custards in your favourite snacks, starting with comparable vape flavour profiles eases the transition.

Mind the PG/VG Ratios

Pay attention to the vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio in vape juices. This impacts cloud density and throat hit:

  • PG provides more throat hit resembling cigarettes
  • VG makes bigger, dense vapour clouds
  • 50/50 PG/VG ratios nicely balance both effects


Choosing a Vape Device

The device used significantly impacts the vaping experience. Beginner-friendly options optimize for simplicity of use.

Pod System Vapes

  • All-in-one, portable pod systems
  • Cigarette-style tight draws
  • Easy top-fill tanks
  • Automatically fire coils

Box Mods/Tanks

  • Allow more customization
  • Refillable tanks, adjustable power/settings
  • Steeper learning curve
  • Progress to maximizing preferences

Also Consider:

  • Nicotine levels
  • Throat hit
  • Airflow settings
  • Battery life

10 Tasteful E-juice Flavours for Beginner Vapers

When getting into vaping, the flavour is king. You want those delicious, dependable all-day vape juices full of fruity sweetness and icy refreshment. These tantalizing e-juice flavour recommendations will prime your palate and have you chasing clouds with only the tastiest vapours.

1. Grape Ice

Grape Ice delivers frosty notes of sugary concord grape that avoid being in-your-face candy-like. It mixes that sweet grape flavour with an arctic blast of cooling menthol for a super satisfying exhale. This icy grape sensation is fresh rather than perfumey. Each cloud leaves that crisp, cleansed feeling rather than a thick syrupy residue. Not too overwhelming on the sweet side, this well-iced grape has become an instant classic profile to kick off any vaping session. The subtle chill hits your throat gently on the tail end of a sweet grapey blast.

2. Cherry Cola

If you're craving that fizzy soda fountain feeling, this Cherry Cola e-juice delivers big time. Initial puffs fizzle the tongue with that authentic cola flavour, which then gives way to sweet cherry as you exhale. The profile really balances the carbonated cola and maraschino cherry mix perfectly rather than letting one overpower. You get that distinctly refreshing cherry cola flavour without the feeling like you just chugged a 32oz syrupy soda with each hit. It keeps the flavour crisp, akin to a freshly cracked open icy can of cherry cola at its peak.

3. Mango Ice

Craving tropical fruit but need a burst of chill? This mango ice blend takes sweet mango up a notch by blending it with icy mint and menthol for refreshment. Sweet, creamy mango provides a rich fruity flavour before arctic air rushes in on the exhale. The menthol kick doesn't overwhelm but rather provides a balance against the ripe mango. You get that savoury tropical fruit paired with a stimulating chill - taking your palate from the tropics to an igloo with each satisfying cloud! It truly awakens your senses.

4. Strawberry Watermelon

Who couldn't love this fruity refreshment? It mixes fresh summery strawberry flavour with sweet juicy watermelon for a bright pop of flavour ideal for vaping all day. The sweetest strawberries on the initial inhale get taken up a splashy melon level when your tastebuds detect those watermelon notes on the exhale. The melding keeps it super fruit-forward and pleasantly sweet without overdoing it on candy-like or fake flavours. This one makes your happy receptors fire as it brings you right back to childhood summers at backyard BBQs chomping watermelon slices and sipping on strawberry lemonade.

5. Peach Apple

Peach and apple feel like an underrated flavour fusion that deserves more appreciation! This dynamite fruit duo captures ripe, velvety peaches intertwined with bits of sharp green apple for balance. You get dominant sweet peach so authentic on the initial inhale it makes your mouth water - then a crisp apple finish gives each hit a different twist. The apple notes are subtle but detectable to amplify the ripe peaches while keeping that overall fruitiness extra juicy. It smells so fresh your mind tricks you into smelling that fuzzy peach skin aroma!


6. Energy Drink

For times you want to turn your vape into a personal energy shot, this gets cloud-blowing with a caffeine kick. Living up to its name, this juice replicates the punchy sweet and tropical taste of your go-to energy beverage. Tangy tangerine, zesty lemon-lime, maybe a splash of berries or melon - you'll detect whatever your favoured zippy drink flavour may be. Without all that carbonated syrup bogging it down, it becomes an even more satisfying instant pick-me-up with each puff. Perfect for when you need a little early morning or midday boost to power through while tasting sweet satisfaction.

7. Passion Fruit

Taking the fruit scale even more tropical, this passion fruit profile keeps flavours soft yet satisfyingly sweet. You get actual tangy passion fruit as the clear star rather than candied or overtly sugared up. Passion fruit has a flavour kind of like a guava or peach smoothie so you get that creaminess minus being overly thick or sticky on the tongue. Tartness comes through reminiscent of sherbet without souring the profile. Ultra smooth and super sippable all sesh long as those vibrant passion fruit notes seduce your senses.

8. Raspberry Lemonade

When you want refreshment done right, this vape juice takes lemonade flavour to fruity new heights by infusing juicy raspberry into the mix. Sweet and slightly tart raspberry hits your taste buds first with enough natural sugar to avoid coming off too pucker-worthy from the lemon. As you exhale, the lemonade balances it out to a full refreshing effect. The flavours here don't fade into one-note candy sweetness but rather let both the raspberry and lemon aspects shine through. Supremely quenching and super re-vapeable, your palate feels rewarded by the sweet and sour sensations dancing in harmony.

9. Blackberry Grape Ice

This dynamic flavour fusion perfectly blends sweet, juicy blackberries and fragrant grape for fruity complexity. As you inhale, jammy blackberry notes tantalize the senses before sugary sweet grape teases out more satisfying flavour. An icy wintergreen menthol rush then leads into a crisp exhale. The mashup remains interesting without overwhelming richness. You get sweet grape, tart blackberry, then chilled finish to fully awaken tastebuds. It's like sipping fruit punch slushie that constantly surprises with evolving flavour aspect. The menthol isn't numbing but completes each hit with stimulating exhilaration.

10. Cherry Pomegranate

This fruit mix keeps the juiciness flowing with cherry upfront and tangy pomegranate on the back end. Sweet, almost syrupy cherry greets the taste buds first for immediate fruit sugars. As you exhale, the cherry then gives way to bright pomegranate notes that avoid overwhelming tannic edges common with straight pomegranate. It transitions from sweet to tangy with just enough tartness to remain lively. The fruit mashup finishes clean rather than sticky. You feel like you simply bit into perfectly ripe fruits bursting with flavonoids. A fittingly feel-good fruity climax to conclude any vaping session!



Vaping opens up a whole new world of tantalizing flavours, but it can feel overwhelming to figure out where to start. By keeping flavour profiles straightforward and considering your taste preferences from enjoyable treats you already love, it becomes easier to pick out those all-day vape juices to keep your clouds tasty. Similarly, optimize the experience with simple pod devices before exploring more customizable mods. Don't overcomplicate things starting off! These ten outlined fruit, candy and drink-inspired juices offer prime examples of easy-hitting vape juices ideal for getting beginners on their vape journey smoothly. Let sublime sweetness lure you further into satisfying slicing through billowing flavour clouds as you chase ever-more elusive bliss points. Before you know it, you'll graduate from a novice into a vape juice mixing maestro concocting your very own signature flavours.

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