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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
How to Spot Fake RELX Pods and Validate What’s Real

How to Spot Fake RELX Pods and Validate What’s Real

Vaping has exploded in popularity in recent years, with over 35 million RELX users and counting. Unfortunately, this has led to a rise in counterfeit vape products like pods which can seriously endanger your health. As a RELX user, you want the excellent performance and safety the brand offers, not the risks from knock-offs. The good news is that RELX has implemented a helpful authentication system so you can easily verify your products are genuine. This article will teach you the simple steps to catch fake RELX pods in the act and validate your authentic items. You'll learn the dangers fakes pose, visual cues that give them away, testing dodgy performance, and using RELX's online authenticator for peace of mind. Arm yourself with the knowledge to protect your vaping experience.

Why You Should Spot Fakes and Authenticate

Counterfeit producers clearly don't prioritize your health or satisfaction the way RELX does. Fakes breeze through without any quality control, safety evaluations, or compliance checks. This means performance and quality vary wildly.

You might get a fake pod that leaks nonstop, produces tiny wispy puffs, or simply burns out on first use. Even worse, copies often contain mystery chemicals that contaminate the vapour. Some fakes tested positive for heavy metals, excess nicotine, and other toxins. The health impacts may be severe depending on what nasties end up floating in your lungs.

While counterfeits pose risks of inferior performance and contaminated ingredients, authentic RELX products are reliable and safe. Unlike sketchy knock-offs, genuine RELX pods and devices undergo a rigorous inspection to meet strict quality thresholds. RELX owns and audits every stage of the production process, carefully sourcing ingredients and rigorously evaluating output.

Furthermore, verification supports ethical business practices. Counterfeits leech off RELX's renowned brand while deceiving customers for quick cash. The underground nature of these operations often links to other shady practices like marketing to youth.

Overall, don't contribute to the counterfeit market by exploiting consumers for profit. Verify your items are authentic to enjoy smooth performance with pure, high-quality ingredients. Plus, authentication makes you eligible for RELX's warranty should anything go wrong. Spotting fakes and validating genuine products is a simple way to safeguard satisfaction.

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How to Identify Fake RELX Pods

Whenever you purchase a new set of pods, you'll want to authenticate them before use. Here are the best methods to determine if your RELX pods are counterfeit:

Cross-Reference Flavours

The easiest check is flavour. Compare the pod you bought against the entire flavour lineup on RELX's official website. RELX publicly announces new additions through press releases and social media when expanding its range. If the site doesn't list the flavour you have, it's likely an imposter. Stick to flavours confirmed directly by RELX to avoid knockoffs trying to ride the coattails of their reputation.

Inspect Packaging

Analyze the fine details on the packaging against genuine RELX pod boxes found online. Subtle differences in fonts, labeling order, materials used, and sealing can out fakes. For example, authentic pods have crisp high-resolution prints for the RELX logo but the copies may look pixelated. Feel for cheaper cardboard stock that's flimsy compared to the real deal.

Check Performance

As you vape the suspicious pod, test for inconsistent heating, weak airflow, leaking, or a "chemical" aftertaste. Authentic RELX pods offer exceptionally smooth draws thanks to optimized temperature control and leakage-resistant design.

Peer Inside the Pod

Pop open a used pod to peek inside. Genuine RELX devices contain an S-shaped ceramic atomizer essential for even heating. Fakes likely skimp out on this vital component, instead using lower-grade wire atomizers that burn hot.

Buy From Authorized Retailers

To eliminate any doubt, only purchase pods directly from RELX's website or official offline stores listed there. This guarantees authentic products over random third-party resellers. If buying in person, check for RELX's Guardian Program certificate.

Following these tips helps avoid winding up with counterfeit pods that jeopardize safety, quality, and vaping satisfaction. Authenticate before use for peace of mind.

How to Authenticate Your RELX Products

RELX makes it simple to independently verify your items through their user-friendly online authentication system.

Every RELX product box contains a unique 14-digit serial number printed underneath a scratch-off sticker film, like with a lottery ticket. Locate this on your item's packaging.

You'll also find a QR code adjacent to scratch in this area. Use your smartphone camera to scan this code, which will open the authentication page (

If you prefer, manually enter the URL to access the validator. Once on the site, scratch off the sticker to reveal the 14-digit serial number printed underneath. Carefully type this code into the empty field and hit "Verify".

Within seconds, the site checks the number against RELX's database. You'll promptly receive a message stating "Authenticated" if legit, plus confirmation it's approved for distribution in your country and eligible for warranty claims.

If the number shows "Not authenticated", the item is likely counterfeit and should not be used. An "Invalid entry" result means you may have entered the code incorrectly, so double-check and re-enter.

The process is quick and easy, providing instant peace of mind your RELX purchase is genuine. RELX wants customers empowered to verify product authenticity themselves with just a few taps on their phone. Self-validation combats dangerous fakes threatening your satisfaction.

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Benefits of Authentication

Authenticating your RELX products is crucial for a great experience. Using the official RELX authentication system provides every vaper with these key benefits:

  • Peace of Mind: No more worrying if your RELX products are real or counterfeit. Authentication gives confidence in genuineness.
  • Warranty Eligibility: Only real RELX products that pass authentication are eligible for warranty claims if defects occur.
  • Guaranteed High Quality: Authentication verifies strict quality control and standards for safety were met in production.
  • Ideal Performance: Genuine authenticated pods ensure flawless operation, smooth puffs, and great taste as RELX intends.
  • Avoid Wasting Money: Don't get duped into buying fake pods that underperform. Authentication builds informed purchasing.
  • Protect Health: Fakes often cut corners and contain dangerous contaminants. Authentication guarantees safe ingredients approved for use.

As you can see, validating your RELX pods or devices through the quick online authenticator provides massive upsides with no downsides. The few minutes it takes to authenticate yields confidence, security, an excellent vape, and more. RELX makes it simple to guarantee that amazing experience and peace of mind. Safeguard what you paid for by properly identifying genuine pods and verifying them through authentication.

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In summary, spotting fake pods and running authentication helps safeguard satisfaction. Leverage the detailed tips covered to catch counterfeits in the act by verifying flavours, packaging, performance issues, components, and sellers. Stop wasting money and risking your health on knock-offs. Instead, take just seconds to authenticate your RELX products through the official validator. Guarantee your pods are genuine to keep enjoying the premier vaping experience RELX customers love. Protect that by learning these simple verification steps.

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