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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Voopoo Drag Q vs RELX Infinity 2: Battle of the Pod Mods

Voopoo Drag Q vs RELX Infinity 2: Battle of the Pod Mods

Pod mods have become an increasingly popular segment of the vaping device landscape. The convenient form factor combines the simplicity of pods with the power and flexibility of box mods. Packed with innovative features and technology, modern pod mods provide a customizable experience far beyond basic vape pens or disposables.

Two standouts pushing the limits of pod mod performance are the Voopoo Drag Q and RELX Infinity 2. Voopoo and RELX have each brought advanced proprietary designs to the emerging pod mod space. To determine the overall winner, we rigorously compare all aspects of these compelling devices.

1. Build Quality and Design

When evaluating any vaping hardware, the construction and feel in the hand provide the first impressions. Pod mods should deliver a solid and premium experience-not leave you missing your old box mods.

Voopoo Drag Q Build Quality

Voopoo houses the Drag Q internals within a zinc alloy chassis for durability, wrapped in soft-touch faux leather side panels. The leather stickers and matching lanyard lend an element of classic style, while silicon plugs protect key ports from wear or debris. Despite the 92mm tall stature, Voopoo kept bulk down with a slim 24mm depth and lightweight 106g construction.

The unique control dial blends form and function by adjusting wattage and airflow in sync. Turning the brilliantly implemented selector quickly dials in your desired vape intensity. Between the smart dial and handy battery life indicator LEDs, the Drag Q feels like an advanced piece of equipment rather than a simplified pod system.


RELX Infinity 2 Construction

RELX engineers achieved unprecedented compactness with the Infinity 2 by using a seamless aluminum unibody design to integrate all components into a single shell. The rounded corners and palm-friendly dimensions highlight RELX's focus on portability. At just 112mm tall and 10mm thin while weighing merely 25g, the Infinity 2 practically disappears in your pocket.

Despite its willowy footprint, the Infinity 2 retains a premium in-hand feel. The weakness of most ultra-compact devices comes from flimsy plastic builds that creak under pressure. By sculpting the exterior from a single block of aluminum using CNC machining, RELX avoided any rattles or flexing while retaining featherweight portability.

2. Build Quality and Design Comparison

The Voopoo Drag Q and RELX Infinity 2 take different approaches to exterior construction, but both execute their divergent visions well. Voopoo places a heavier emphasis on durability with metal components and leather accents at the cost of added weight and thickness. RELX engineers made size the top priority, developing an incredibly slim and lightweight shell.

Neither device feels cheap or poorly assembled, so build construction doesn't clearly favor one pod system across the board. The decision ultimately depends on whether you prefer the reassuring density of the Drag Q or the nearly nonexistent carrying profile of the Infinity 2.

3. Pod Mod Performance and Customization

Beyond superficial curb appeal, the nitty gritty functionality separates the ultimate pod mod champions from lackluster contenders. Wide flexibility in tuning and customizing the vaping experience is vital to satisfy both new vapers and veterans.

Let's analyze how the Voopoo and RELX pod mod systems stack up across the performance metrics that impact flavor intensity, vapor density, battery efficiency, and user control.

Voopoo Drag Q Customization

At the core of the Drag Q pod mod lies the brilliant power adjustment dial, which provides unmatched control authority. As you turn the dial, both voltage and airflow increase or decrease in perfect sync. This automatically keeps the temperature and density optimized regardless of your preferences. Adjusting between a cool, loose MTL draw to a dense, restrictive DTL hit is effortless.

The proprietary ITO (Intelligent Temperature Control System Optimization) atomization technology and wide range of Voopoo ITO coils enable additional customization. With compatible resistances reaching as low as 0.3ohm and power hitting 25W, exceptional flexibility spanning vaping styles suits both MTL and DTL.

And a spacious 3.5ml pod capacity means you aren't constantly refilling either. Battery longevity benefits too from the ample 1250mAh integrated cell, which keeps weight reasonable at 106g despite the big battery.

RELX Infinity 2 Configurability

RELX built the Infinity 2 ecosystem around its RELX Infinity 2 pods. Rather than adjustable power or airflow dials, RELX implements preset modes designed to optimize performance with its proprietary quartz ceramic coils. The simple three-stage settings of Eco, Smooth, and Boost modes limit maximum output to just 8W.

While the fixed low power output certainly enables incredible 440mAh battery efficiency, it necessarily limits vapor density along with throttling maximum flavor potential. However, the svelte footprint highlights RELX's commitment to uncompromising portability.

Despite the locked-down voltage regulation, seasoned vapers can still activate RELX's "SmartPace" functionality to monitor and moderate consumption levels. And the game changing 15 minute Type C rapid charging deftly balances the low capacity battery limitatins.


4. Performance Comparison

Contrasting the advanced ITO heating and wattage flexibility of the Drag Q against the featherweight portability but controlled output of the Infinity 2 makes declaring a clear winner difficult. The ultra-smooth draw and flavors from RELX's proprietary pods impress, considering the miniscule size. But the Drag Q's expansive configuration range simply enables finer increments of customization that the prepackaged Infinity 2 modes can't match.

The Drag Q also avoids the inevitable battery anxiety spawned from the Infinity 2's combination of low 440mAh capacity and Direct Output performance lagging as charge depletes. Ultimately, Voopoo ekes out the performance victory by empowering complete control over power curves to always sustain ideal vaping conditions.

5. Leak and Spit Resistant Pods

Nothing demolishes the vaping experience faster than e-liquid leaking everywhere or sputtery pops peppering your drags. Both Voopoo and RELX, fortunately implement advanced pod technologies to eliminate messiness and grant flawless functionality. Let's investigate the spill-proof designs showcasing the meticulous engineering behind both systems.

Voopoo Drag Q Pod Tank

The Drag Q pod mod comes bundled with Voopoo's clever ITO X pod tank. Visible e-liquid is handy for quick fill-level checks. But the 3.5ml juice reservoir would cause disastrous leaks without Voopoo's innovative leak prevention measures.

They wisely situated the airflow inlet holes on the coil above the base rather than beneath, which often causes problematic seepage in inferior pods. Combining the high-mounted inlet with extreme precision tolerances between the pod and chassis prevents flooding or gurgling when properly mated.

The push-click bayonet style bottom cap attachment also produces a superior seal than relying solely on o-rings for leak protection. E-liquid only flows where intended through the ITO micro-channels directly to the heating element. Paired with the consistent ITO temperature regulation, you enjoy flawless performance without leakage or dry hits.

RELX Infinity 2 Pods

RELX pioneered pod-based systems, so certainly possesses deep expertise in optimizing leak resistance and reliability. The Infinity 2 pods still hold less e-liquid than Voopoo's tank at just 1.9ml to minimize potential spill mess. But the redesigned silicone base plug fits tighter than ever while allowing the cotton wicks to receive sufficient juice.

Instead of problematic bottom airflow, RELX Infinity 2 pods draw from two wells with 5 holes on each side for a total of 10 inlets. Combining ample airflow with the quartz ceramic coils prevents flooding despite the tight draw required to satisfy MTL hits. The multiple independent inlet paths also eliminate vacuum locks when chained vaping.

6. Pod Tanks Comparison

Considering legacy experience stretching back to first generation cigalikes, RELX clearly obsesses over maximizing leak protection and dependable performance. The ingenious Infinity 2 pod innovations provide reassurance against seepage while enhancing flavor.

But Voopoo's ITO platform and cutting-edge X pod tank match that dedication with heating technology purposely built for adjustable power and airflow. Ultimately, both systems achieve flawless functionality with mess-free filling and no leaking. Pod dependability simply comes down to your preferred juice capacity, draw style and vapor warmth.

7. Charging Speed and Battery Life

Daily use depends greatly on avoiding dead devices. Pod mods must often balance contradictory battery capacity needs and portability goals. Striking an optimal runtime compromise while still recharging swiftly is vital.

Voopoo Drag Q Battery & Charging

Incredible longevity per charge comes courtesy of Voopoo squeezing a spacious 1250mAh battery inside the Drag Q. The downside to stuffing such a large power pack within a pod mod is increased size and weight. But consistent output and over a full day of heavy vaping outweigh the minor density hit.

The battery indicator LEDs provide handy estimates for remaining runtime without ever worrying about surprise shutdowns. Keeping the cell topped off is swift too, thanks to Voopoo's rapid charging implementation. The included Type C cable fully replenishes the 1250mAh in around 35 minutes using a 2A USB charger.

RELX Infinity 2 Power & Charging

Due to the extraordinarily slim Infinity 2 dimensions, RELX only fits a 440mAh lithium battery inside. But the company mitigates anxieties over the low capacity through charging innovations. Their breakthrough quick charging completely recharges from empty in scarcely 15 minutes using any USB-C PD-compatible charger.

The latest Infinity 2 extends runtime too by eking 14% more lifetime per charge compared to the previous Infinity model from a battery now 14% larger. Savvy power conservation assist via the preset Eco mode or configurable SmartPace consumption alerts further aid efficiency.

8. Battery & Charging Comparison

Undeniably, the mammoth 1250mAh integrated battery inside Voopoo's Drag Q provides over twice the maximum runtime between charges as RELX's svelte Infinity 2 pod mod. The Drag Q will easily last even the heaviest vaper a full day, while the Infinity 2 requires topping off at least once midday.

However, RELX largely mitigates the capacity gap through unprecedented rapid charging. In the time it takes Voopoo's battery to reach roughly 35% capacity, RELX can charge from empty to full. So, if you have consistent access to USB, the Infinity 2 essentially delivers endless runtime.

Ultimately, Voopoo offers the battery edge for longer excursions, but RELX answers with charging speed for perpetual pod mod pulsing. Unless you require multi-day runtime away from electricity, the difference becomes minimal during normal daily use.

9. Pros and Cons Comparison

After dissecting the most pivotal performance areas, let's summarize the key relative pros and cons between the Voopoo Drag Q and RELX Infinity 2 pod mods:

Voopoo Drag Q Pros

  • Adjustable power and airflow
  • Huge battery capacity
  • Over a day of heavy use, runtime
  • LED battery bars
  • Mess-free top-fill pod tank
  • Smooth, consistent hits
  • Quality construction
  • Advanced ITO heating technology

Voopoo Drag Q Cons

  • Bulky and heavy compared to typical pods
  • Auto-draw intermittently works
  • Proprietary fill port rubbers
  • Loose MTL draw with stock coils

RELX Infinity 2 Pros

  • Extremely compact and lightweight
  • Sleek low-profile aesthetics
  • Easy preset power modes
  • Rapid 15 min charging time
  • Tight and flavorful draw
  • Leak-resistant pod design

RELX Infinity 2 Cons

  • Low 350mAh battery capacity
  • Direct output saps efficiency
  • Button press can accidentally fire
  • The battery indicator appears late
  • Must buy pods separately


Declaring the Champion Pod Mod

When it comes to innovative pod mods, both the Voopoo Drag Q and the RELX Infinity 2 stand out. However, the RELX Infinity 2 takes the lead with its focus on smooth performance and convenient features.

The Drag Q boasts a large 1250mAh integrated battery. But this design choice means that the battery's lifespan is fixed – as the battery ages and degrades, it can't be replaced. This limits the long-term use of the Voopoo Drag Q, as the device's lifespan is tied to the battery's.

On the other hand, the RELX Infinity 2 uses swappable pods, offering flexibility that the Drag Q lacks. With each new pod generation, RELX introduces improved heating and power delivery. Plus, these pods are backward compatible, allowing Infinity 2 users to benefit from ongoing innovations.

The compact size and rapid charging feature of the Infinity 2 are also noteworthy. The device is designed to enhance flavor efficiently without wasting power on excessive vapor production. The SmartPace feature even helps conserve battery life, alerting users to their vaping habits to prevent unnecessary battery drain.

In conclusion, the RELX Infinity 2 outperforms the Voopoo Drag Q by focusing on practical, everyday benefits rather than just technical specifications. Its success lies in offering a reliable and convenient vaping experience, setting a new standard in hassle-free pod mods.

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