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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Why Do My Disposable Vapes Taste Burnt and How to Fix It?

Why Do My Disposable Vapes Taste Burnt and How to Fix It?


If you've experienced disposable vapes tasting burnt or off-putting, you're not alone. Burnt and unpleasant disposable vape hits are a common issue for vapers across Australia. But why does your disposable vape start to taste burned, and what can you do about it? Learn the most likely culprits and solutions to experience flavorful hits from your disposable vape.

Reason 1: Your Disposable Vape Coil is Burnt Out

The most common reason your disposable vape tastes burned is that the internal coil is burnt out. The coil in a disposable vape heats the vape juice into an inhalable vapor. Over time and use, residue from the vape juice accumulates on the coil, preventing it from properly wicking and heating the juice. This leads to a dry hit or a burned flavor as the coil is overheated without adequate juice. Unfortunately, disposable vape coils are built-in and can't be replaced. Once the coil is burnt out, you'll have to replace the whole disposable vape.

To help prevent coil burnout:

  • Avoid excessively long vaping sessions, which overheat and wear out the coil faster
  • Use a vape juice that includes ingredients to preserve the coil, such as sweeteners
  • When you notice the flavor start to diminish, avoid hitting your vape excessively just to squeeze the last bit of life out of it.

Reason 2: You're Taking Excessively Long Draws

If your disposable vape is running out of juice, but you keep taking long, hard draws, you can eventually burn out the coil. This applies excess heat and doesn't allow the wick to be fully saturated between draws. The longer you draw and the lower the vape juice level gets, the more likely the coil will burn from lack of juice.

To prevent burning your coil from long draws:

  • Once the vape has about 1/4 of juice left, take shorter 1-3 second puffs rather than long draws of 5+ seconds
  • Give your vape a break of 1-2 minutes between puffs to allow the coil and wick to re-saturate
  • Once the flavor turns noticeably burnt, dispose of the vape rather than trying to extract those last few drops of liquid

Reason 3: Your Vape Contains Low-Quality Ingredients

Unfortunately, some disposable vape brands use cheap flavorings, low VG formulas, and poor-quality coils. These cut corners lead to premature coil failure and faster degradation of the vape juice. A disposable vape with quality ingredients should last for hundreds, if not over a thousand puffs, before it starts tasting bad. Paying $2 for a vape with poor ingredients only gets you half the life span, and the bad burnt flavor ends up costing you more in replacement devices. Slightly more expensive name brands generally deliver much longer-lasting disposables.

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Reason 4: You Left Your Disposable Vape in Hot Conditions

Another potential culprit for your disposable turning bad could be exposure to heat, which degrades vape juice flavor and coil performance. The heat causes nicotine and flavor molecules to break down faster. Warm days or leaving your vape in a hot car exposes it to excess heat that reduces longevity. Cold exposure can also hurt battery performance. Always store disposable vapes at around room temperature to maximize their usable life. If you leave it in a hot car on a summer day, that disposable may only last half as long before tasting awful.

Reason 5: Time Has Passed Since First Using the Disposable

Unfortunately, disposable vapes do have a limited lifespan, even with proper care and storage. The vape juice formula and battery performance slowly degrade over weeks of usage. Vape juice oxidation, coil fouling, battery degradation, and simple evaporation of carrier liquids limit the usable life to 1-4 months. Even an unopened vape slowly loses its prime condition after the first 6 months past the production date. Checking the date code to buy fresh vapes ensures you get the longest life possible before burnt hits set in.

How to Fix Burnt Tasting Disposable Vapes?

While most burnt vape issues stem from non-replaceable coils, there are a few potential fixes to try and revive a bad-tasting disposable:

Method 1 - Flush the Coil

If the vape tastes slightly off but is not fully burnt yet, you can attempt flushing the coil to wash away built-up gunk. Simply fill the vape chamber fully with plain vodka or high-proof grain alcohol. Let it soak for 10-20 minutes. Then, empty the alcohol and rinse several times with hot water to remove residue. Fill it back up with your favorite vape juice, and it may help clean the burnt residue from the coil.

Method 2 – Remove E-Liquid

For vapes with view windows, check if the cotton wick looks brown or black when hitting poorly. If so, try removing all the liquid and then replacing it with fresh juice. This dilutes any concentrated burnt residue in the juice, which may restore flavor. It works best when the coil itself isn't fully burnt but rather just the existing juice turning bad.

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Method 3 - Adjust Power Delivery

Some vapes with variable power settings can tweak the coil heat level. If the power is set too high, it can lead to burnt hits. Try lowering the voltage/wattage level to reduce heat exposure to the coil. Take gentler, slower draws without firing the coil to full burning temperature. This may require a compromise between flavor intensity and heat management.

When All Else Fails, it's Time to Replace Your Disposable Vape

If you've tried these troubleshooting tips to no avail, chances are the disposable vape coil itself has reached the end of its serviceable life. Disposable vape devices are designed for single-use rather than long-term vaping. Once the non-replaceable coil burns out or other internal components degrade in performance, it's time to replace the vape completely. No amount of maintenance can override the planned obsolescence of these inexpensive but temporarily enjoyable devices. Just dispose of it properly and open up a fresh vape.

Following the guidance in this article will help you understand common reasons for burnt disposable vape hits. With this knowledge, you can take steps to prevent premature coil failure and maximize the usable lifespan of your disposable vape. But at some point, the convenience and low entry price of disposables means accepting their impermanence. Once the burnt taste sets in, the most budget-friendly option remains retiring it to the trash and cracking open a brand-new vape.


Q: Is it bad for me if I keep vaping even after my disposable tastes burnt?

A: Yes, continuing to vape from a burnt coil or degraded disposable vape can be harmful. You risk inhaling contaminants from the breakdown of vape juice components or overheated metals from the coil. Once you notice a significant burnt or chemical taste, stop vaping from that device.

Q: Can I take apart the disposable to replace the coil?

A: Unfortunately no, disposable vape devices are not designed to be taken apart or have their internal components like the coil replaced. Tampering with or dismantling a sealed disposable device also voids any warranty and may be dangerous if mishandled.

Q: How long should an average disposable vape last if properly maintained?

A: With reasonable usage habits and proper storage at room temperature, most quality disposable vapes will last between 500-1500 puffs before flavor and vapor quality declines noticeably. Higher internal battery capacity and vape juice volume also increase the average disposable vape lifespan.

Q: Is there any way to repair a defective disposable vape?

A: Beyond basic troubleshooting like cleaning the coil or adjusting settings, defective disposables generally cannot be repaired. The extremely low cost is partly due to their non-serviceable design. If problems persist after trying common fixes, the only option is to replace the entire disposable vape device.

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Q: What's the best way to get the longest life from my disposables?

A: To maximize disposable vape lifespan, buy from reputable brands, store at moderate room temperature, take shorter puffs when juice is low, allow the coil to fully saturate between hits, and retire the vape as soon as you notice burnt or significantly diminished flavor. Avoid excessive heat exposure or long continuous draws on low battery/juice levels.

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