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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

IGET Mega 3000 Puffs

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24 Flavors-Mega: Lush Ice


Product Name:

IGET Mega 3000 Puffs

Puff Count:



10 ml

Battery Type:


Battery Capacity:

1450 mAh

Net Weight:



25 x 25 x 113mm




IGET Mega 3000 Puffs: Redefining Vaping Standards

  • Extended Capacity and Battery Life: The IGET Mega 3000 sets a new benchmark with its 10 ml capacity and 1450 mAh battery, ensuring prolonged usage without frequent recharging.
  • Rich Flavor Selection: Dive into a variety of flavors, each crafted to deliver a unique and consistent taste throughout the 3000 puffs.
  • Technical Brilliance: Detailing the product’s advanced engineering, focusing on its efficient power usage and high-quality vapor production.
  • Convenient Usage: Designed for ease and comfort, the IGET Mega 3000 is ideal for vapers seeking a hassle-free and reliable device.


Which lasts longer: Relx X Waka Smash 6000 or IGET Mega 3000 Puffs?

Relx X Waka likely lasts longer due to higher puff count.


IGET Bar 3500 vs. IGET Mega 3000: Which is better for quitting smoking?

  • IGET Bar 3500: Higher battery, more puffs.
  • IGET Mega 3000: Standard nicotine content.

Suggestion: IGET Bar may be better for longer usage, aiding transition from smoking.


Does IGET Mega 3000 Puffs offer better vapor and throat hit than IGET King 2600?

  • IGET Mega 3000: 10 ml capacity, 1450 mAh battery.
  • IGET King 2600: 8.5 ml capacity, 1400 mAh battery.

IGET Mega might offer stronger vapor and throat hit.


Can IGET Mega 3000 Puffs maintain flavor quality with frequent use?

Designed for consistent use. Maintains flavor quality even with high-frequency usage.


Is IGET Mega 3000 or IGET Goat 5000 better for dense cloud production?

  • IGET Mega 3000: Adequate for dense clouds.
  • IGET Goat 5000: Larger capacity, better for cloud density.

IGET Goat excels in cloud production and device longevity.


Choose IGET Mega 3000 Puffs for your vaping needs. Embrace the extended vaping sessions with a device that stands out for its capacity and performance. Secure yours today!