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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Relx Infinity Devices

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Original price $99.99
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Original price $99.99
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Current price $29.90
10 Colour: Sky Blush


Specification Details
Product Contents 1 Device, 1 Type-C Cable, 1 User Manual
Compatible Pods RELX Pod Pro & RELX Pod
Flavor Options Tangy Purple, Raspy Ruby, Ludou Ice, Golden Slice, Garden’s Heart, Dark Sparkle, etc.
Technology RELX Super Smooth™ Performance, Active-steam Pro, Air Boost design
Charging USB-C charging, Optional portable charger
Customer Support 24/7 online customer service, 60-day return and refund
Color Options Phoenix Flare, French Lavender, Champagne Splash, Arctic Mist, Deep Blue, Silver, Red, Gold, etc.

The Relx Infinity stands out in the electronic vaping market with its sleek design and advanced technology. This device offers a unique combination of style and function, making it a top choice for vaping enthusiasts.

Product Composition and Compatibility

Each Relx Infinity kit includes a vaping device, a Type-C cable, and a comprehensive user manual, ensuring you have everything you need to get started. The device is compatible with RELX Pod Pro & RELX Pod, offering a wide range of flavor options to suit different tastes​.


Diverse Flavor Palette

The Relx Infinity caters to a broad spectrum of preferences with its varied flavor offerings. From the sophisticated Tangy Purple grape flavor to the refreshing Golden Slice mango and the unique Dark Sparkle cola flavor, there's a choice for every palate. These carefully crafted flavors enhance the vaping experience without overwhelming the senses.


Cutting-Edge Technology

At the heart of Relx Infinity's appeal is the RELX Super Smooth™ Performance. This feature, developed through extensive research, delivers a consistent and satisfying vapor output. The Active-steam Pro and Air Boost design work in tandem to ensure a balanced vapor quality, reflecting the brand's commitment to technological excellence​.


Mobility and Charging Convenience

Designed for the on-the-go lifestyle, the Relx Infinity offers easy charging options, including USB-C charging and a portable charger. This flexibility ensures the device is always ready for use, wherever and whenever you need it​.


Robust Customer Support

Relx Infinity reinforces its commitment to customer satisfaction with a comprehensive support system. Services like 24/7 online customer service, free shipping for certain order amounts, and a 60-day return and refund policy provide peace of mind and enhance the overall customer experience​.



How does Relx Infinity Devices Count Measure up Against IGET Disposables?

The 800 puffs per Infinity devices is lower than top IGET models like the Legend 4000 Puffs (4000 puffs) and Goat 5000 Puffs (5000 puffs). However, the Infinity allows easy replacement, while IGET disposables require complete replacement.


Is Relx Infinity Devices More Portable than Bulky IGET Bar Models?

The Relx Infinity devices is extremely compact and lightweight compared to larger disposable options like the IGET Bar (60 x 20 x 125 mm, 67g). This makes the Infinity 2 far easier to carry discreetly.


Can Relx Infinity Devices 3% Nicotine Strength Meet Cravings like IGET's 5% Levels?

The 3% nicotine offers moderate satisfaction without being overwhelmingly strong for many users. IGET's universal 5% could be too harsh for some. 


Does Relx Infinity Devices Offer the Best Long-Term Value for Budget-Conscious Users?

Despite higher upfront costs, the rechargeable Infinity saves money over time by avoiding repetitive purchases. The cheaper IGET XXL 1800 provides temporary savings but lacks reusability.


How does Relx Infinity Devices's Premium Build Enhance Vaping?

The Infinity prioritizes durable, long-lasting materials and technology for better performance, unlike disposables like the IGET Mega 3000 which compromise on build quality to lower prices. This leads to a superior vaping experience.