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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Best Vape Brands in Australia in 2023-2024

Best Vape Brands in Australia in 2023-2024


Vaping has exploded in popularity across Australia over the past decade. What was once seen as a niche hobby has transformed into a thriving culture embraced by over a million vapers nationwide.

This surge can be attributed to vaping providing an enjoyable alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. With its rising popularity though, Australia's vaping landscape has rapidly expanded from just a handful of brands to hundreds of manufacturers ranging from global giants to local startups. This makes it challenging for new vapers to navigate and decide which brands they can truly trust.

That's why turning to established vape retailers who curate and stand behind the quality of their inventory is key. Keep reading for a breakdown of Australia's most reputable and prominent vape brands available across various retailers.

I. Top Picks of Vape Brands

With hundreds of products covering everything from starter kits to advanced box mods, they've curated an unbeatable lineup of best-selling brands vapers return to again and again. Here are some standouts:

  • Vaporesso: This vape giant is cherished by vapers worldwide for the quality and innovation of devices like the Renova Zero and Gen kit lines.
  • Innokin: Known for beginner-friendly yet powerful vapes like the reliable Endura series and innovative Go Max pod kit.
  • Voopoo: Voopoo set the vaping world alight with the release of their trendsetting Drag box mods. Brand new releases like the advanced Argus GT2 continue turning heads.
  • Aspire: Aspire remains one of the heavyweights thanks to crowd-pleasing tanks like the Nautilus and next-level box mods like the Mixx.
  • GeekVape: GeekVape delivers sturdy options specialist vapers crave, including the legendary Aegis lineup designed to endure any environment.
  • Uwell: Another darling of the vape community, Uwell leads with the popular Caliburn pod series and robust mod options like the KOKO Prime and Crown 5 kit.
  • Smok: When it comes to huge vapour production, few can challenge industry titan Smok and standouts like the Scene kit and RPM80 Pro pod mod.
  • Freemax: Known as one of the premiere vape tank manufacturers thanks to best-sellers like the Fireluke 3 and innovative Maxus 100W kit.
  • Relx: This Beijing-based company has taken Australia by storm with its minimalist pre-filled pod systems like the Infinity series vapes.
  • IGET: IGET landed on Aussie vapers' radars in a big way thanks to the convenient disposable vape range.

Vapers at any level are guaranteed to find a quality option from some of the most trusted and influential names in vaping worldwide.

II. Other Notable Brands

Outside Vapeland's inventory, there's a rich assortment of vape brands meeting demand across Oceania. Have a browse at other noteworthy names Aussie vapers continually rave about:

  • VEIIK: This homegrown brand stunned with ultra-portable wonders like the VEIIK Airo pods and Touches pen kits.
  • VENZ: Out of New Zealand storm hard hitters like the X2 Pro Platinum Edition mod kits and Centurion Max 2 tank/mod combos.
  • Viper Vapors: Another locally bred favourite, they rocketed to success with rock-solid pod systems like the Rogue and Element.
  • Vista Vapors: Known for bottling delicious e-liquids at a bargain, Vista Vapors hardware like the Series-S mods also surprises.
  • Vostro: Vostro clearomizers and vape pen combos such as the Louise Pro keep this Australian upstart's mods in constant rotation.

Alongside better-known entities, these rising stars demonstrate Australia's knack for incubating scrappy brands whose products punch far above their weight. Factor in imports from proven global operators, however, and it's clear Aussie vapers are spoiled for choice when it comes to reputable vape labels.

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III. Types of Vapes

Australia's retail landscape features every variation of vape devices imaginable. While many stick to just one or two types, veteran vapers often wind up with whole collections catering to specific scenarios and settings.

To break it down, here are the most common categories of vapes filling Aussie shelves and the brands that dominate within them.

Pape Pod Systems

Increasingly the entry point for new vapers, pod systems deliver nicotine salts or e-liquids in compact all-in-one units focused on convenience. Some heavy hitters in this field include:

  • Juul: Love them or hate them, this American powerhouse ignited the pod vape craze with their trademark discrete Juul sticks.
  • Vapefly: Manufacturing wizards Vapefly won legions of followers with the clever multi-use Galaxies pods and vape pen adapter.
  • Geekvape: Not content with their success on the box mod front, Geekvape also unleashed advanced pod mods like the impressive Wenax Stylus.
  • Dinner Lady: Best known for crafting coveted e-liquids, Dinner Lady also manufactures quality pod devices like the compact Edge kit.
  • RELX: RELX pods are really easy to use because they're already filled with the liquid you need to vape. You don't have to deal with filling them up yourself, which can be messy and a hassle. They're also small and easy to take with you, making them great for vaping when you're out and about.

Vape Mods

Mods provide seasoned vapers tremendous flexibility whether they prefer mouth-to-lung or direct-lung vaping. Leading brands in this space feature:

  • Vaporesso: Aside from beloved pod offerings, Vaporesso box mods also astound thanks to temperature control integration on choices like the Luxe II.
  • UWELL: In addition to pod systems, Uwell proves one of the most dominant mod makers delivering both potency and customization via hits like the Nunchaku 3.
  • Lost Vape: Lost Vape cemented its status thanks to high-end devices that balance performance with luxury. Take their DNA-modeled Centaurus for example.
  • Dovpo: A mainstay name worldwide, Dovpo devices prominently feature in many Aussie vaper's collections whether it's the Topside carbon fiber squonk mod or HEX ohm regulated tube mod.

Disposable Vapes

Ideal for tossing in your pocket before a night out, convenience makes disposable vapes a viable option for infrequent vapers. Recurring best sellers include:

  • Elf Bar: Far and away the most ubiquitous thanks largely to their flashy designs and flavours galore spanning the fruity Elf Bar 600 to menthol-dominated Elf Bar 1800.
  • Baton Vapor: Local importers have ensured Baton's disposables like the Baton V2 XL are never hard to spot. Their expansive flavour variety doesn't hurt either.
  • HG Disposables: Thanks to aggressive pricing and availability online and in convenience stores, HG reigns as a disposable favorite pumping out options like the X Pod vapes.
  • IGET: The IGET disposable vape lets you vape up to 6000 times before you need to get a new one. That means you won't have to replace it as often. No matter how much you vape-just a little or a lot-the IGET Bar Plus works with how you vape to make sure you get a good experience every time.

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Vape Pens

For those seeking a middle ground between mods and pods, vape pens can offer versatility for experienced vapers in a simplified shell. Dominant names here are:

  • Smok: Love or hate their aggressive product release strategy, vape juggernaut Smok remains eternal thanks to pen kits like the durable Nord 4.
  • Joyetech: Vaping OGs Joyetech may have lost some spotlight to younger brands but stalwart vape pens like the Exceed X prove they've still got it.
  • Vaporesso: Yep, Vaporesso makes bank in this field too thanks to feature-packed devices like the Renova Zero pen leveraging innovative coils and leakage protection.
  • IJOY: Another one-time box mod heavyweight, IJOY earned devotees early on for their Shogun vape pen's rare fused Clapton coil integration.


Most vapers wind up developing an e-juice preference whether it's sweet fruity blends, tobacco replicants, or menthol/mint infused. Australia hosts quite a few standout e-liquid makers although international brands also claim their share of followers.

Aussie E-Liquid Brands:

  • Vape Monster: Purveyors of the legendary Hashman-infused e-liquids yet also deliver clean fruit mixes under labels like Brain Freeze.
  • Moose Juice: Proudly concocted locally, Moose Juice Sweet Tooth's Cinnamon churro and Cookies and Cream varieties enrapture taste buds nationwide.
  • Mixology Vape Co: Another homegrown hero, Mixology blows away vapers with daring fruit/drink fusions like their wicked Lychee Mojito.

International E-Liquid Brands:

  • Nasty Juice: This boundary-breaking Malaysian mixer's global hype is justified thanks to unique flavours including the Wicked Haze apple/mango/melon rodeo.
  • Dinner Lady: Dinner Lady's entire range of bespoke tobacco and fruit/citrus-infused e-liquids have developed a cult following for good reason.
  • IVG: IVG Premium E-Liquids out of the USA might fly under the radar but once vapers discover them, they stick around for more thanks to flavors like Pound It a zesty lemon pound cake dessert blend.

Nicotine Free Options

Not every vaper wants or needs nicotine whether they're looking to gradually transition away from reliance or never had interest to begin with. Luckily quality nic-free alternatives exist like:

  • HALO: This distinguished American brand carries nicotine-free versions of their legendary e-liquids to suit more health-conscious vapers.
  • Ripe Vapes: Award-winning Ripe Vapes offer innovative balanced flavour profiles completely without nicotine across the VCT, Pear Almond, and Coconut Thai lines.
  • Elements: Renowned for their all-natural Nicotine Salt e-liquids, Elements also produces a Nicotine Free range featuring clean yet satisfying flavour options like Fresh Squeeze Lemon.

IV. Choosing the Best Brand For You

With thousands of vape products flooding Australian stores and sites, settling on the right brand for your needs can feel overwhelming. Keep these tips in mind while evaluating your options:

Tips For Beginners

As a new vaper, favour well-established brands boasting positive reputations and clear manufacturing standards. Don't take fly-by-night companies at face value no matter how flashy the packaging.

Begin with simpler pod systems or starter kits explicitly designed for novices easing away from smoking before exploring advanced setups.

Tips For Experienced Vapers

You likely have a firmer grasp on your preferences from vapour production to throat-hit feel. Seek brands considered innovators driving categories like temperature control forward rather than budget operations endlessly mimicking popular releases.

Determine whether you prioritize flavour accuracy, customization potential, or maximum battery endurance from your device. This makes narrowing suitable brands easier while comparing specs and components like chipsets.

Safety First!

No matter your skill level, making sure any vape gear comes from legitimate channels is critical. Counterfeit factories churn out fake vapes dangerously lacking necessary safeguards and quality assurance.

When possible, only purchase hardware, e-liquids, and accessories from authorized dealers whether brick-and-mortar stores or reputable online outlets like Vapeland. If something seems suspiciously cheap, knockoffs are likely lurking.

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Australia's vibrant vaping market has matured tremendously while still coping with growing pains stemming from its meteoric evolution. Luckily Aussie vapers can lean on numerous exceptional vape brands distributed locally through vendors like Vapeland to enhance their transition beyond smoking.

Competition and innovation both remain high driving further advancements across pod systems, box mods, and e-liquids. But by leaning on retailers like Vapeland's, vapers receive guidance and products they can believe in as the industry keeps thriving nationwide.

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