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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
One RELX Pod Equals How Many Cigarette Packs?

One RELX Pod Equals How Many Cigarette Packs?

Vaping has risen in popularity as a smoking cessation tool. One brand leading the way is RELX, with its innovative pod-based devices. This comprehensive guide will explore everything potential vapers need to know about RELX vapes. We'll look at RELX pod capacities, flavour options, nicotine levels, and feature specs. A key question for smokers is "How many cigarettes are in a RELX pod?" so we'll examine the estimated puff count per pod and calculate the cigarette pack equivalent. For Australian smokers specifically, we share details on availability, pricing, laws, and safety guidance around RELX. Whether you're new to vaping or a long-time smoker, this piece will cover the pros of switching to RELX, projected nicotine intake, and considerations for getting started. By the end, you'll understand exactly what to expect when transitioning to RELX vapes from traditional cigarette smoking.

What are RELX Vapes?

Over the past few years, RELX has emerged as one of the top brands in the vaping industry. RELX manufactures a variety of pod-based vape devices that offer a smooth and satisfying alternative to traditional cigarette smoking.

Unlike bulkier vape mods, RELX devices use lightweight, compact designs focused around pre-filled e-liquid pods. Their sleek, pen-shaped vapes utilize simple two-piece constructions for easy operation. RELX's streamlined approach allows smokers to switch seamlessly without the complications of fillable tanks, mods and batteries.

But what truly sets RELX's vapes apart is their innovative pod technology. Each nicotine salt-based RELX pod clicks securely into place through a strong built-in magnet. Smart contacts recognize the pod and adjust power flow accordingly. Meanwhile, engineered airflow prevents messy leaks, keeping the vaping experience hassle-free. This foolproof pod system maximizes flavour and vapour production right out of the box.

With a deep bench of flavour offerings across two patented pod types, RELX gives vapers everything needed to ditch traditional cigarettes for good. By combining pod-based convenience with advanced performance features in beautifully designed devices, it's clear why RELX stands tall in the vaping landscape.

Key Specifications of RELX Pod

RELX offers two main pod types compatible with their various devices - the Classic RELX Pod and the newer Pod Pro. Both use nicotine salts for smooth and satisfying vapour. But there are some key differences vapers should understand.

The Classic RELX Pods hold 2ml of e-liquid per pod which lasts for approximately 650 puffs. This equates to roughly three packs of traditional cigarettes lasting for heavy smokers about 2 days on average.

The Pod Pro was engineered more recently by RELX to prevent leaking and improve performance. These pods have a 1.9ml e-liquid capacity, maintaining a long lifespan of 600-650 flavourful puffs per pod.

When it comes to nicotine strength, most RELX pods range from 1.8% (30mg/ml) up to 5% (50mg/ml) concentrations. By comparison, an average cigarette has between 6mg and 28mg of nicotine. So RELX offers both lower nicotine pods in the 1.8% range as well as more standard vape juice strengths around 3% for transitioning smokers.

In terms of flavour selection, RELX offers 20+ pod options across fruit, dessert and tobacco flavour profiles. Best-selling flavours for the Classic pods include Blueberry, Mango Ice and Watermelon Ice. Meanwhile, popular Pod Pro flavours are Lychee Ice, Strawberry Ice and Peach Ice Tea.

So in summary, while the pod types differ slightly in capacity and features, both deliver the hallmark RELX vaping experience. Reasonable 600 puff lifespans, mid-range nicotine options and an expansive flavour selection make transitioning to RELX all the more easy and enjoyable.

Relx vape

How Many Puffs Per RELX Pod?

When weighing whether to switch from traditional cigarettes to a RELX vape, one important consideration is puff count. How long will one pre-filled RELX pod actually last?

According to RELX's official product specifications, their classic 2ml pods last approximately 650 puffs when used with typical vaping habits. That projection is based on an average puff length of 4 seconds per inhale.

So a cigarette smoker finishing off 20 cigarettes a day may find each 2ml classic RELX pod lasts roughly 2-3 days on average. For those with lighter vaping habits, it could potentially stretch to 4 days.

The newer Pod Pro offers marginally less e-liquid at 1.9ml per pod. But RELX states these will still deliver between 600-650 satisfying puffs as well.

There are also a few variables that affect puff count in real-world usage:

  • User vaping behaviours - longer/harder puffs reduce pod lifespan
  • Device settings/power output
  • Pod flavour and nicotine strength

Nevertheless, both classic and Pod Pro RELX pod advertisements of 600+ puffs are fairly reliable. That means vapers can expect multiple days and around 40+ cigarettes worth of usage before needing to swap pods.

How to Determine Nicotine Levels

When weighing the switch from traditional cigarettes to vaping, comparing nicotine levels is key. How much nicotine is in each RELX pod versus a cigarette?

The average cigarette contains between 6mg and 28mg of nicotine per cigarette. Branded cigarette products like Marlboro Red measure even higher at 19.4mg per cigarette.

By comparison, most RELX pods range from 1.8% (30mg/ml) up to 5% (50mg/ml) nicotine salt concentrations. So while the units differ, a RELX pod puff generally delivers less nicotine than a cigarette drag.

However, the added benefit of RELX pods is they use nicotine salts rather than freebase nicotine. Salts get absorbed faster for an instant "throat hit", mimicking cigarettes' quick nicotine delivery. So even with lower per-puff nicotine levels, RELX vapes can potentially satisfy cigarette cravings with fewer inhales.

For example, a heavy smoker may do well starting with 24mg/ml (2.4%) nicotine RELX pods before stepping down to 30mg/ml (1.8%) or 16mg/ml pods to wean intensity over time. This tapered approach helps smoothly transition from the instant nicotine spike of cigarettes.

In the end, be sure to match your nicotine needs to the correct RELX pod strength. Tracking personal intake for the first few weeks is key to finding your sweet spot.

RELX Pod = How Many Cigarette Packs?

A common question smokers have when considering switching to RELX is "How many cigarette packs equal one RELX pod?" Using RELX's advertised 650 puff per pod estimate, we can calculate the approximate pack equivalence.

The average cigarette pack contains 20 cigarettes in total. If each cigarette takes 12 puffs to complete on average, that's 240 puffs per pack.

Comparing that to RELX's estimate of 650 puffs per 2ml classic pod, that means each pod yields roughly 2.7x as many puffs as one cigarette pack or nearly three packs worth.

However, real-world experience may differ slightly if your vaping habits don't perfectly match RELX's projections. But for the typical vaper, it's reasonable to estimate each 2ml RELX pod delivers the equivalent of 2-3 traditional cigarette packs.

If purchasing the Pod Pro instead, expect marginally less lifespan given the slightly smaller 1.9ml capacity per pod. But the pod should still yield over 2 packs worth of vaping before needing replacement.

So in general for both classic and Pod Pro pods, RELX's patented vape pods equate to 200-300% of the usage of a 20-pack carton of cigarettes. Not only is that excellent value for money, but it means less hassle restocking pods versus visiting the smoke shop weekly!

Pros of Switching to RELX

For cigarette smokers looking to make the switch to vaping, RELX offers some compelling benefits. Here are the top advantages of switching to RELX vapes:

Leak-Resistant Pods

Unlike bottled vape juice, RELX's patented pods deliver mess-free, hassle-free vaping. Smart contacts and airflow prevent spills and leaks even while on the go.

Smooth Nicotine Delivery

RELX pods use nicotine salts for faster absorption compared to freebase while avoiding the harsh throat burn. This makes for extremely smooth and satisfying vapour.

600+ Puffs Per Pod

With 2-3 cigarette packs worth of vaping from each pod, RELX minimizes the frequency of buying and replacing pod cartridges.

Flavour Variety

With 20+ flavour options from fruits to desserts and tobaccos, RELX offers enough taste profiles to keep any vaper happy.

Simple, Sleek Devices

RELX vape devices feature lightweight and slender pen-shaped designs for portable vaping without any complicated controls or mods.

Affordable Pricing

Available widely online and in stores, RELX prices both their devices and pods very reasonably compared to competitors.

By offering the perfect combo of innovative performance features in slimmed-down devices, RELX removes all barriers to ditching traditional cigarettes for cleaner, tastier vaping.

Relx vape

Considerations Around RELX Use

While RELX provides an excellent alternative to smoking cigarettes, there are a few important considerations new vapers should keep in mind:

Track Personal Intake

When first switching to RELX, pay close attention to your nicotine intake by counting daily puffs. This ensures you choose the optimal pod strength.

Follow Proper Dosage Guidance

Use the RELX recommended nicotine level based on your prior smoking habits to avoid issues tapering off cigarettes.

Adjust Nicotine Over Time

Consider starting with higher nicotine pods and then stepping down strength levels incrementally to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Stay Informed on Safety

Keep up to date with the latest research on vape product safety from health organizations as more data emerges.

While vaping has risks just like cigarettes, monitoring usage, understanding warning signs, and selecting quality devices/pods minimizes potential health impacts substantially. And most importantly, RELX gives the tools needed to STOP smoking traditional cigarettes. So the long-term benefits heavily outweigh the alternatives.

For additional guidance on the transition from smoking to vaping, be sure to check out RELX's safety resources. Their website also connects users directly with customer support if any usage questions arise.

RELX Vapes in the Australian Market

RELX has quickly become a vape of choice for Australian smokers making the switch away from cigarettes. But what's behind the growing popularity of RELX Down Under?

A Smooth Transition for Aussie Vapers

The combination of quality and simple devices paired with great-tasting pods allows most Aussies to shift from darts to vaping with RELX quickly and easily.

Appreciated Flavour Variety

With 20+ pod options from fruity ice blends to smooth tobaccos, RELX appeals to the broad range of flavour preferences found among Aussie vapers.

Strong Satisfaction Response

The efficient nicotine salt delivery gives the instant "throat hit" satisfaction that Australian smokers appreciate when moving to vaping.

Wallet-Friendly Pricing

Reasonably priced devices and pods drive strong local adoption as RELX offers vaping on budgets aligned to Australian smokers.

Given the above core strengths tailored to this market, it makes sense why Aussie vapers rank RELX highly. The products deliver on key needs, from flavour to performance to pricing - cementing RELX's leadership down under.

Relx vape


For smokers seeking a viable alternative to harmful cigarette smoking, RELX vapes check all the right boxes. Leveraging innovative pod-based devices and nicotine salt e-liquid formulations, RELX provides a smooth transition that delivers solid smoking satisfaction.

We've broken down the full RELX product range, exploring pod capacities, flavour diversity, nicotine levels and device performance. While specifications vary slightly between classic and Pod Pro offerings, both yield excellent usage lifespan equating to 2-3 cigarette packs before replacement.

When used properly and tapered down incrementally, RELX gives Aussie smokers an affordable, accessible and most importantly healthy path away from packing darts for good. And by understanding exactly what to expect around nicotine intake, puff counts and transition timelines, the switch becomes all the easier.

So if you're still questioning "how many cigarettes are in a RELX vape?" be confident that each pod packs a serious punch. Let RELX stand ready to help stub out smoking from your life once and for all. The only regret will be not making the switch sooner!

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