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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Vaping Etiquette: How to Vape Respectfully in Australia

Vaping Etiquette: How to Vape Respectfully in Australia

As vaping gains popularity across Australia, a cloud of confusion still lingers around proper etiquette for using e-cigarettes in public. Exhibiting good vaping manners helps lead the way out of the haze. This article explores how even small courtesies can make a profoundly positive difference.

Understanding Vaping Laws and Regulations

Vaping regulations across Australia aim to balance public health interests with the rights of informed adults to vape. But overlapping state and territory laws make understanding one's legal rights and responsibilities complex. The fog can be cleared by taking time to thoroughly learn the rules in your area.

Study signs posted at establishments and familiarise yourself with laws governing public areas like parks, beaches, and transport. Read up on possession limits and how the law defines vaping paraphernalia.

Do your civic homework as a vaper so you can enjoy your new hobby freely and respectfully. When more vapers take the initiative to educate themselves, it improves prospects for fairer laws through engaged advocacy.

For a detailed overview of vaping laws across Australia, click here for our full article "Navigating Australia's Nicotine and Vaping Laws: What You Need to Know."

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Always Ask for Permission

Asking for permission before vaping in someone's private space, like their home or car, shows you respect Australian etiquette and rules. If an Australian says no to vaping, don't argue. Accept it agreeably, no fuss. Or you can offer to step outside for a vape instead - most Aussies appreciate that. Giving them control puts locals at ease. Follow their lead to make them comfortable. Show their comfort matters to you too.

Asking first avoids awkwardness. With a quick "Do you mind if I vape here?" you can check if it suits the Australian setting. It gives them a chance to share their preference. Asking shows you're a thoughtful vaper.

Keep Your Distance Around Non-Vapers

Like cigarette smoke, not all Australians like breathing secondhand vapour, especially involuntarily. Be smart, and don't force it on Australian strangers. Give vapour room to spread out.

If possible, head outside to vape, which most Aussies prefer. Or find local shops and pubs with designated vaping areas. Obey any posted vaping signs. When in doubt, stay a good 10 feet away from non-vapers.

See yourself as an ambassador showing vaping is safer in Australia, though not completely harmless. If you hold back, it'll be easier to vape freely in the future. If questioned, inform politely, not defensively.

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Sharing Vapes? Keep it Clean

Sharing vapes can bond new friendships, much like sharing traditional cigarettes once did among social circles. But the modern era's awareness of spreading germs makes serial mouth contact with strangers unwise. Treat vapes with care and proper hygiene to avoid spreading unwanted tagalongs.

Carry disposable sanitising wipes to quickly clean mouthpieces after use and before sharing. Inform vaping friends of your sanitising habits to put them at ease. For casual acquaintances, attach fresh disposable tips before handing over your device. Refrain from sharing with strangers altogether, no matter how curious they may be.

Conscientious vaping hygiene keeps us all healthier. It also demonstrates the vaping community's concern for health and safety. Set the bar high on caution to help change assumptions that vapers are careless.

No Vaping in Meetings, Classes or Performances

Some environments demand our full attention on matters much weightier than perfecting minty vapour rings. The noises, visibility and action of vaping can draw unnecessary attention away from speakers, performers, instructors, and sacred ceremonies.

While oral fixations once satisfied by pens and paperclips now find an outlet in discreet vaping, know when to abstain out of respect. Save indulgences for more appropriate times. Attentiveness and restraint will make you stand out more than distracting puffing.

If you simply must vape, politely excuse yourself and step outside briefly rather than drawing eyes. With moderation and mindfulness, vaping freedoms need not fade away as momentum builds to ban. 

Choosing Appropriate E-liquid Flavors

Thoughtful e-liquid flavour choices reduce disruptions from big, bold clouds that overpower the senses in enclosed spaces. Not everyone finds sweet scents sweet when they stubbornly linger long after you finish vaping and depart.

What seems pleasantly aromatic to you may be perceived as noxious or nauseating to others, especially lingering artificially in air lacking circulation. Avoid vaping heavily scented flavours like custards and strong coffees around unfamiliar companies. Alternatively, suggest cracking a window or relocating.

Consider others' preferences thoughtfully, not as judgment on your choices, but as guidance to wiser vaping etiquette in shared environments. When flavours are chosen with others in mind, we show vapers do care about how our actions impact those around us.

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Properly Discarding Vape Products

Responsibly tossing vape waste prevents poisoning Australia's land, fire risks, and ugly litter, revealing vaping's rise here. Recycle batteries correctly. You can ask local Aussie vape shops how to properly dispose of cartridges and e-juice.

Lead by example to improve vaping's reputation in Australia. Treat your gear and the earth with equal care. How you handle waste shows your character as an Aussie vaper. Your care reflects on all vapers.


By following basic vaping etiquette guidelines, we help lead the way out of lingering clouds of confusion around vaping. Always be respectful of laws, spaces, preferences and the environment. Remain aware of how your behaviour as a vaper impacts those around you, from strangers to close friends.

With open communication, common courtesy, and concessions made in the spirit of cooperation, vapers and non-vapers can find harmony, ultimately clearing the air for all.

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