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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
RELX Infinity 2 Vape Review: The Ultimate Guide to the 2023 Upgrade

RELX Infinity 2 Vape Review: The Ultimate Guide to the 2023 Upgrade

As vaping continues to grow in popularity, manufacturers keep innovating to stay ahead of the curve. RELX has established itself as an industry leader known for sleek, high-tech devices. I've tested countless vapes over the years, but their newest model – the RELX Infinity 2 – stands out from the pack.

After spending weeks putting the Infinity 2 through its paces, I'm ready to share my thoughts in this tell-all review. Below I'll cover everything from real-world performance to vapor production so you can determine if this upgrade is worth pursuing. Let's dive in!

A Sleek and Portable Design Built to Impress

Upon unboxing the RELX Infinity 2, I was immediately struck by its clean yet eye-catching aesthetic. Weighing only 25 grams, its slim pen-shaped body is exceptionally lightweight and portable. Available in various stylish colors, like yellow, orange, green and black, the aluminum finish is smooth to the touch.

In my palm, the ergonomic grip felt comfortable and natural. And at just 11.2cm tall, the Infinity 2 can discretely slip into a pocket or bag when out and about. The matte texture also resists fingerprints better than most vapes I've handled.

It's clear RELX put thoughtful care into ensuring their latest vaporizer feels as premium as it performs. While the build quality is impressive for the price point, only time will tell how durable these materials are in the long run.


Unrivaled Customization Through Smart Pod Technology

What truly sets the Infinity 2 apart is the ability to customize your vaping experience via interchangeable pods. After loading my preferred e-liquid flavor into the push-to-fill pod, I easily clicked it into place magnetically.

The pod itself contains a 1.9ml capacity, ceramic coils for pure flavor, and a secure mouthpiece to prevent leakage. But the real innovation lies in the pod's smart microchip that enables three distinct vaping modes.

By pressing the side button, I could cycle between Eco, Smooth, and Boost profiles - each represented by a unique LED color. This level of personalization is extraordinary for a device at this price point!

Eco mode offers lighter vapor production, which conserves battery life. Smooth mode mimics the intensity RELX users are accustomed to. And Boost mode delivers a more intense, satisfying hit. Having the freedom to tweak settings made dialing in my sweet spot effortless.

Even Better Battery and Rapid Charging Capabilities

Nothing cuts a vaping session short quite like a depleted battery. Thankfully, the Infinity 2 provides over 25% more battery capacity than the previous generation. Clocking in at 350 mAh, it's shocking how long this slim device lasts between charges.

I easily got through a full day of moderate use before needing to refuel. And when it came time to recharge, I was blown away by the speed. Using the Type-C USB cable, I went from 0 to 100% battery in just 45 minutes - way faster than any vape I've tested!

The bright LEDs make it easy to check power levels at a glance too. I really appreciate not having to guess when it's time to charge up. For such compact dimensions, the Infinity 2 delivers downright impressive battery performance.


Pure Taste and Smooth Vapor Production

Of course, superb battery life doesn't mean much if vapor quality falls short. Fortunately, the RELX Infinity 2 exceeds expectations here as well! I tested across all power modes using 50mg nic salt e-juice and walked away very impressed.

Flavor reproduction is excellent thanks to organic cotton coils and optimal temperature control. And cloud density can be customized from wispy to billowing. I enjoyed the crispness of fruits like Mango Orange and Juicy Apple. Yet smooth tobacco options shone through as well.

Vapor remains cool and comfortable too, even during prolonged vaping sessions. Only in Boost mode at high nicotine strengths did I experience any noticeable throat hit or warmth. Overall, it's clear RELX fine-tuned this device to balance potency with enjoyability.

An Ideal Device for Beginners and Experts Alike

With simplicity in mind, RELX designed the Infinity 2 to accommodate all experience levels. For beginners, the interface and magnetic pod system make operation nearly effortless. Yet its expansive customization provides more than enough tinkering potential for advanced users too.

The stealthy size makes this an awesome portable companion as well. The minimalist aesthetic blends into any environment gracefully. I enjoyed vaping discreetly on the go without drawing unwanted attention. Yet impressive vapor potential ensures satisfying puffs when cravings kick in.

And for smokers looking to transition from traditional cigarettes, the Infinity 2 aims to please. Tried-and-true tobacco flavors coupled with adjustable power modes help replicate the ritualistic satisfaction of smoking with fewer health impacts.

Pros and Cons at a Glance

No vape is perfect for every user. To provide balanced insight, here is a quick breakdown of the RELX Infinity 2's advantages and limitations based on my experience:


  • Sleek, lightweight design with stylish colorways
  • Customizable power modes via Smart pods
  • 25% more battery capacity than previous-gen
  • Extremely fast, 130% quicker charging
  • Great flavor and vapor production
  • Easy to use for beginners and experts


  • Battery life is less than bulkier mods
  • Pod capacity could be higher


The Infinity 2 Lands Down Under

As vaping continues gaining popularity worldwide, places like Australia have been slower to embrace the trend. With tight regulations on nicotine levels, Aussie vapers face hurdles in accessing satisfying devices that meet their preferences. Many vapers resort to ordering from overseas, but this comes with extra costs and long wait times.

Fortunately, RELX aims to officially launch the Infinity 2 in Australia to provide more localized options. Its adjustable power modes can tailor vapor density based on e-liquid strengths that comply with regulations. And the pod-based system with smart microchips offers easy personalization for Aussie vapers.

For a country where high-nic vapes are heavily restricted, the Infinity 2 brings new hope. Aussie vapers have been outspoken about the need for innovation and choice. The Infinity 2 answers by offering exceptional customization in a lightweight, portable package. Here's hoping RELX can pave the way for more progress when it comes to satisfying Australia's passionate vaping community.

A Must-Have Device for Serious Vapers

If the pros I detailed above resonate with your needs, the RELX Infinity 2 deserves your consideration. Very few devices in its class can match this features-to-price ratio. Factor in stellar ergonomics and vapor quality too; it's easy to see why I rate this so highly.

While the pod system may limit e-liquid options, compatibility across three RELX generations is clever future-proofing. For mid-wattage direct-lung vaping on the go, you won't find a better bang for your buck.

So, if you prioritize customization in a pocketable yet potent package, the Infinity 2 confidently has you covered. It stands tall among the fiercest competition as RELX's most versatile and travel-friendly vape system yet.

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