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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
RELX vs Juul Showdown: Which Pod Vape Reigns Supreme?

RELX vs Juul Showdown: Which Pod Vape Reigns Supreme?

Vaping has exploded in popularity over the last few years, with sleek, convenient pod-based systems leading the way. Two of the biggest names in this booming pod vape market are RELX and Juul. Both brands offer ultra-portable devices and prefilled pods for fuss-free vaping enjoyment.

But with so many similarities on the surface, it can be tough to decide whether RELX or Juul better suits your needs and preferences. That's where this head-to-head comparison comes in. We'll scrutinize 10 key performance categories-everything from battery life to flavour options-to crown the superior pod vape system once and for all.

By the end of this article, you'll have a clear picture of RELX and Juul's respective strengths and weaknesses. We'll provide detailed breakdowns of their pricing, quality, user experience, and beyond. You'll discover what sets their vape pod flavours, battery runtimes, charger convenience and other crucial features apart.

Finally, we'll synthesize all this comparative data into a definitive verdict on the Juul vs RELX matchup. And you might just be surprised at how clear-cut our conclusion is. So read on to learn if trendy upstart RELX has what it takes to dethrone the renowned Juul as king of the pod vapes.

Affordable Prices & Free Shipping - Start Vaping on a Budget with RELX

When it comes to your wallet, RELX pulls ahead of Juul right out of the gate. The RELX Infinity Starter Kit retails for a very reasonable $29.90. Even better, RELX offers free shipping to both the USA and the UK, removing any hidden costs down the line.

The Juul Starter Kit doesn't share RELX's budget-friendly pricing. At a lofty $49.99 sans shipping, the flagship Juul bundle costs nearly 70% more. And that gap only widens when you factor in shipping fees that RELX covers.

It's important to note that basic RELX and Juul kits include the same core components - a rechargeable battery and an assortment of flavour pods to fit your tastes. Yet RELX manages to bundle these items at a fraction of the price.

So if you're watching your vape budget closely, RELX presents instant savings over the far pricier Juul. And since the RELX kit loses nothing on features or performance, it's really a no-brainer for the cost-conscious. The first round goes handily to RELX when it comes to sheer bang for your buck.

Relx Vape

Fruit Flavor Explosion: RELX's Fresh Juicy Pod Range Dominates Tobacco-Chained Juul

When it comes to the most important part of any vaping experience - the flavours - RELX once again outshines Juul. RELX users enjoy an expansive palette of 8+ mouthwatering flavours. These span options like Ice Mint, Blueberry, Lychee Ice, and Watermelon Ice.

RELX even takes flavours a step further with their RELX Pods Pro line. As the name implies, these specialty pods amp up flavour intensity for an even bolder taste. So you get the best of both worlds - a broad flavour selection and boosted flavour potency if you wish.

By contrast, Juul sells an extremely limited flavour range centred on tobacco varieties. Think Virginia Tobacco, Classic Tobacco, basic Mint and Menthol - all reminiscent of ashtray-like cigarette flavours. Forget fresh fruity or minty flavors. Juul users are basically stuck vaping like it's 1950.

And it's not just the narrow tobacco-dominant taste range that disappoints with Juul's pods. Even these flagship flavours disappoint many users with unpleasantly harsh throat hits. Meanwhile, RELX offers exceptionally smooth, nuanced flavours without the slightest scratchiness or sting.

Its clear flavour quality and variety make RELX the undisputed winner here. From tasty blueberry to menthol icy cool, RELX hands down provides the most flavorful and mouthwatering vaping experience pound for pound.

Pods: RELX Offers Superior Capacity and Performance

When examining any vaping system, the pods represent the literal and metaphorical heart of the operation. So how do RELX and Juul's pods stack up? Once again, RELX claims pod superiority across some key metrics.

To start, RELX pods boast a staggering 2mL e-liquid capacity versus just 0.7mL for Juul. So RELX pods house nearly 3 times as much vape juice, supported by the larger RELX battery. Speaking of the pods themselves, RELX's patented design is engineered for leak resistance and durability. Users report far fewer issues with stuck, burnt or leaky RELX pods.

RELX also edges out Juul in the value department. Yes, surprisingly a 4-pack of Juul pods retails for less at $15.99. But taking into account the measly 0.7mL per Juul pod, RELX still provides far more vape for the dollar. A 3-pack of 2mL RELX pods for $16.99 ekes out at least a 25% better value by volume.

And RELX pods deliver this superior capacity and longevity without compromising performance. Unlike Juul, RELX vapers enjoy the exceptionally smooth, full-bodied flavour from the first puff to the very last. From bigger capacity to better engineering, RELX simply offers a noticeably upgraded pod experience.

Vaping Experience: RELX Delivers Cigarette-Like Smoothness

Perhaps nothing matters more than the actual sensation and satisfaction generated with each puff. How does the vaping experience itself compare between market leaders RELX and Juul?

Yet again, RELX provides a clearly superior user experience. Chiefly responsible is RELX's patented FEELM tech within the atomizer core itself. This modular coil system generates exceptional smoothness reminiscent of an actual cigarette.

RELX users highlight the natural, pleasantly full-bodied mouth feel as the star of the show. And flavours really shine through from the initial puff to a lasting finish without any chemical aftertaste. Even new vapers switching from traditional tobacco remark how familiar and pleasant RELX feels thanks to silky smooth flavour delivery.

Unfortunately, Juul vapers sing a much different tune. The common refrain Includes surprisingly harsh throat hits that many classify as downright unpleasant. Flavours taste considerably more artificial and e-juice-like rather than authentic. And the vapour itself provides less density and satisfaction overall according to most reviews.

While a quality pod system should emulate the easy draw and rich flavour of cigarette smoke, only RELX manages to perfect this delicate formula. So for the most sensational vaping possible from a closed pod device, RELX remains miles ahead.

Battery Life: RELX Delivers Over a Day of Vaping

When it comes to convenient, satisfying pod vaping, extended battery life proves paramount. After all, who wants their vaping interrupted every few hours for a recharge? Here too RELX gives vapers a decisive edge over Juul's battery limitations.

The RELX Infinity packs a sizable 350mAh integrated battery cell. While Juul relies on a rather modest 200mAh battery by comparison. Right away, the 75% increased capacity gives RELX a substantially longer runtime per charge.

Real-world usage shows the RELX battery enduring for a full day or longer even for moderate to heavy vapers. Only lighter users will drain it in less than a day. Impressively, the RELX can last some users upwards of two days if conserved.

However Juul batteries invariably last less than a day by all accounts. Usually, a Juul battery expires in under just half a day for most vapers. And marathon vaping sessions see some Juul batteries dying in just hours before needing a diagnosis.

Clearly, RELX offers vastly extended battery life versus the notoriously short-lived Juul alternative. When you can vape liberally all day without worrying about your battery, that's when you've found the right pod system. RELX delivers exactly this sort of carefree, round-the-clock vaping convenience.

Charging: RELX Offers Superior Convenience

No vaper wants to find themselves unable to charge their depleted pod device. Especially if they happen to be out and about without the proprietary charger. Here as well, RELX provides vastly superior charging convenience that blows Juul out of the water.

The RELX Infinity utilizes a standard, readily available Micro USB charging connection. This allows charging via nearly any modern cable or power source with USB-A or USB-C connectivity. Leave your RELX cable at home? No problem. Borrow your friend's Android phone cable or plug it into your car's USB charging port in a pinch.

Juul takes a far more limiting approach with their awkward proprietary magnetic charging dock system. Lose your one-and-only charging dock and your Juul instantly transforms into an expensive paperweight with no way to replenish the non-removable battery. And even with the dock on hand, you remain tethered to a wall outlet rather than charging on the move.

Clearly, Juul did not prioritize convenience regarding battery charging capabilities. But RELX charging stands as a crowning example of accessible, easy charging executed to perfection. Never stress about charging your RELX pod vape again no matter where you happen to be. Such charging versatility remains a huge perk for more hassle-free vaping anytime, anywhere.

Appearance: RELX Offers Premium, Personalized Style

For some vapers, aesthetics play a paramount role in device selection. Beyond pure functionality, having a stylish, visually striking vape adds another dimension of satisfaction and personal flair. By now you can guess which company focuses more design resources on crafting an attractive pod system.

Across the board, vapers highlight the RELX Infinity's sleek yet substantial styling cues. The rounded edges fit ergonomically in hand for an organic, contoured feel. RELX constructed the battery housing from quality polycarbonate blends which feel perfectly balanced between durability and pleasing lightweight carry.

But RELX takes style even further by offering the RELX Infinity in a spectrum of colourful gradient finishes. Vapers can select their favourite from French Lavender, Space Grey, Phoenix Flare Red, Ink Blue, and more. Beyond standard colours, these mesmerizing fades help your RELX make an artistic visual declaration.

And while Juul sticks with a decidedly generic, Apple-inspired rectangular prism shape, even their most ardent fans admit it feels somewhat cheap and toy-like. For those wanting a vape that appears and feels like true modern tech, RELX once again proves leagues ahead in the visual department.

So why settle for a boring off-the-shelf vape design when you can showcase a stylish RELX Infinity with confident, artistic flair? Yet again RELX makes a compelling case delivering panache that Juul sorely lacks.

Availability: Juul Enjoying First-Mover Advantage (For Now)

When it comes to retail availability and brand recognition, Juul maintains an edge as first to market. With several years of head start over upstart RELX, Juul secured extensive distribution channels into convenience stores, vape shops and other brick-and-mortar retail locations. So Juul enjoys the advantage of both name-brand familiarity and retail shelf space.

However, RELX aims to close this retail availability gap swiftly. As RELX continues expanding internationally, they are forging partnerships with distributors and merchants alike. While Juul relies largely on past accomplishments, RELX focuses acutely on future growth.

And we foresee the tide shifting dramatically as RELX converts smokers to their revolutionary pod system in ever-increasing numbers. Retailers will surely prioritize the superior RELX vapes over time. It's only a matter of when, not if, RELX surpasses Juul in global market share across online and retail fronts.

So at the moment, Juul may boast the retail visibility lead. But recognize this reign sits on borrowed time. The incoming wave of next-gen RELX vapes is poised to disrupt Juul's first-to-market advantage for good.

A View from Down Under: Australian Vapers Embrace RELX

With vaping enthusiasm exploding 'Down Under' in Australia, what pod device satisfies discerning Aussie vapers? Increasingly, vaping forums and retailers highlight the RELX Infinity as the top-rated closed system for Australian conditions.

Several factors make RELX a standout choice to meet Australia's rugged vaping demands. For one, superb battery stamina allows RELX to endure sweltering Australian summers without interrupting vaping sessions to recharge. The versatile USB charging capabilities also prove extremely handy for an Australian lifestyle often spent on the go.

And RELX's impressive liquid capacity keeps thirsty Aussie vapers from constantly running dry. But when RELX pod replenishment does come due, Australian vape shops have prioritized stocking RELX Pods to meet local demand.

Conversely, Juul tends to disappoint Australian vapers by falling short in battery life, e-liquid volume and availability challenges. While Juul relies heavily on overseas shipping, RELX's Asia supply chain gives Australians access to swift, affordable pod delivery.

So from Sydney beaches to Outback trails, RELX stands poised to claim Australia as the latest country to push Juul to the margins. Expect the ascendance of stellar homegrown RELX to continue ousting Juul across Australian stores and social channels alike.

Relx waka

The Verdict: RELX Delivers the Superior Pod Vape Experience

After scrutinizing RELX and Juul pod systems across 10 major categories, a definitive winner emerges. While both brands offer convenient, compact devices for vaping on the go, RELX outshines Juul virtually across the board.

From cheaper pricing to better battery life and charging convenience, RELX proves the superior choice for price-sensitive vapers needing maximum runtime per charge. Performance-driven users will further appreciate the custom FEELM technology within RELX delivering supremely smooth, exceptionally flavorful vapor.

And features like RELX's expansive flavor variety including the new Pods Pro line demonstrate RELX's commitment to constant innovation. This company refuses to stand still, continuously upgrading to push vaping technology ever further. Just contrast this torrid innovation pace against the stagnant Juul brand resting on its laurels.

While Juul might retain a visibility edge at neighbourhood bodegas for now, shifting buyer sentiment points toward RELX as the closed-system pod vape of the future. As the intrinsically better product at a better price, RELX has already begun turning the tide against the former category leader Juul.

So when selecting your next pod vape, choose substance over familiar branding. Why settle for Juul's compromises when RELX offers the complete package? The verdict is clear - progressive vapers deserve the categorically exceptional RELX vaping experience.

Parting Thoughts: The Future is RELX

As RELX and Juul continue battling for pod system supremacy, we believe the heir apparent has already proven itself. Yes, Juul enjoyed first-mover dominance and still touts superior retail visibility today. However, the vaping landscape evolves exponentially thanks to untapped innovation.

RELX epitomizes this relentless innovation push to disrupt the industry status quo. While Juul's stubborn reliance on proprietary connectors and tobacco flavours represents the stagnant past, RELX accelerates vaping into the future.

We suspect even the most ardent Juul proponents may convert after testing RELX's silky vapour signature and brilliantly simple charging. Because once you experience what superior engineering and design provide to transform vaping, you can't imagine settling for less.

So despite Juul's early lead, the timeframe for widespread RELX adoption shortens daily. Between word-of-mouth buzz and retail partnerships, RELX seems poised to claim its rightful vaping crown sooner than later. We can't wait to see what boundary-pushing innovations RELX introduces through its global vaping domination!

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